Arizona One Step Closer To Stopping Bloomberg’s Hijacking of America

Over the passed year we have seen the Billionaire Bloomberg bamboozle an uninformed voting populace into being complicit in their own enslavement.

By exploiting the death of children and misrepresenting the truth Bloomberg has had a few victories in places like Oregon where he convinced enough people to vote FOR laws that denied THEIR rights.

Arizona is looking to stop such New York machinations from spoiling more states.

From our friends at Freedom Outpost:

HB 2524, the Uniform Firearms Transfer Compact, passed by a vote of 35-24 on Monday.  The bill was sponsored by Representative Bob Thorpe.

According to, Thorpe had presented the bill in response to Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to “’try to reduce the rights we have here’ and in other states through his organizations’ ballot initiatives and lobbying.”

According to a legislative fact sheet, the bill prohibits member states from creating, imposing or enforcing the following:

  • Any tax, fee, penalty, mandate or regulation in addition to federal law that burdens the transfer of firearms to any person; or
  • Any civil or criminal liability that is not imposed under federal law in connection with the transfer of firearms by any person.

State may sign on voluntarily to the compact and may withdraw or propose amendments to the Compact on the following occasions:

  • Every 10thyear after the enacting legislation;
  • When a special session is called specifically to amend or withdraw from the Compact.  Written notice of the special session must be given to each member state at least 30 days before the session convenes;
  • On written, unanimous consent of all member states.

The compact also repeals all “conflicting laws, regulations or policies that exist” on the date it goes into effect.

A similar bill was passed in the Arizona House last year.  However, Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety came in and hired lobbying group Dorn Policy Group to stall the legislation until the end of session.  Of course, not only was Everytown a part of the defeat of the previous bill, but nowBloomberg’s lying Moms Demand Action is also opposing HB 2524.

However, according to Arizona Citizens Defense League, “HB 2524 provides our best opportunity to derail the coming Bloomberg financed ballot measure to establish gun owner registration in Arizona before it happens.”

“The passage of HB 2524 would establish an interstate compact that restricts member states from enacting firearms transfer requirements greater than existing federal law,” says AZ-CDL.  “In essence, this would create a ceiling that state law could not exceed.  Current federal law has few limitations on intrastate private party firearm transfers between non-prohibited possessors.”

You can read the rest of the article here: 

Arizona’s Interstate Firearms Transfer Compact Passes House


I love the concept of this.  Rights should never bend or bow or be lost because some Billionaire from New York is going to pour money into a ballot initiative, treading through the blood of innocent children as he goes and tricking people into forfeiting their own liberty.

The compact would not allow states to just simply bow out when the political winds shift, or some ginned up power broker breezed into town looking to capitalize on some event.

This compact is what a Republic looks like and why our country is based on it.

I hope every freedom loving state in the Union signs on.


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