Guns Don’t Kill Free Speech On College Campuses…Liberals Do

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A faculty working group at the University of Houston offered the following advice for the upcoming school year:

  • “Be careful discussing sensitive topics.”
  • “Drop certain topics from your curriculum.”
  • “[Don’t] ‘go there’ if you sense anger.”

What prompted these suggestions?

Come August 1st, Texas will be allowing Campus Carry and the liberal academia is crapping their pants with irrational fears and unfounded distorted views.

From the Atlantic:

The situation to which these recommendations are alluding—gun violence in response to controversial or otherwise difficult classroom discussions—is at this point only a hypothetical worst-case scenario. But critics of the legislation are still appalled: To abide by the law, and keep everyone safe in classrooms with armed students, faculty may ultimately have to resort to self-censorship.

So no safe spaces for us?  As I said earlier you can keep your safe spaces…I like living in America.

This is just another example of how twisted the liberal psyche is as they just assume that since their ideal student is some weak kneed, emotionally stunted, foot soldier for the liberal cause, that EVERY student is like that.

While there are some liberals who believe in the 2nd Amendment (though I have always believed they are mislabled libertarians because liberals truly CANNOT believe in an armed populace) the majority of gun owners are Conservatives, Libertarians and Right Minded Moderates.  These people don’t oppress opposing views, they engage them.  They don’t fold up into the fetal position when someone says something they don’t like, they stand tall against it.  And they don’t throw wild tantrums and shoot up places like the “ideal indoctrinated liberal” would.

I mean, seriously, the main stream media doesn’t like to report this but the vast majority of mass shootings are done by liberals and Democrats.

Some in academia have all ready hit the proverbial trail because the mere notion that law abiding citizens wouldn’t have their rights stripped from them simply for going to school is intolerable.

Such a man is School of Architecture Dean at the University of Texas, Frederick Steiner.  Steiner has quit the school and taken a job at an Ivy League school.  Steiner went out spewing the same nonsense that gun controllers have been spouting for years:

“I grew up hunting. I don’t see a bunch of quail or pheasant running around the campus.”

Once again, another “gun owner” who thinks the 2nd Amendment has anything to do with hunting. He continues on:

“Firearms in my view have their place in the world, and the university campus is not one of those places, except for law enforcement and campus police.”

Like you just mentioned Dean Steiner, you think that citizens should only have guns to hunt and that we should give up our rights to self defense to the government so that police can arrive on the scene AFTER the body count as amassed.  Thanks but no thanks.

Steiner doesn’t stop their and his arguments go from the ironic to the absurd.

“I think that’s one possibility, that we start censoring ourselves because we’re afraid of upsetting someone with a firearm. Faculty or deans often are put in a position where we’re responsible if somebody misbehaves, we tell them to stop misbehaving. If you think of this famous scene in ‘Animal House’ where the dean is telling the fraternity guys to behave themselves, imagine the guys in ‘Animal House’ with guns.”

Ironic that he wants to start censoring now because he’s afraid of upsetting someone when the modus operandi for schools is to censor EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that might offend someone.

Then to go to Animal House as some type of legitimate argument is the height of absurdity.  He does realize that that was a fictional movie right?

Long story short, Liberals are the ones who like to see rights infringed, curtailed and eliminated.  They are vocal about the 2nd Amendment and insidious about the 1st.  But they are nonetheless determined to eliminate both so they can have their ivory towers where everyone agrees with them…or are punished if they don’t.

Guns aren’t killing the First Amendment…Liberals are.


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