Good Girls With Guns Stop Bad Guys Too

Good guys with guns aren’t the only individuals stopping bad guys with guns. Good girls with guns are thwarting crime, too.

With March being Women’s History Month — a month-long celebration honoring American women and their contributions to society — why not celebrate powerful, empowered, everyday women using firearms to defend themselves and others around them?

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The media deliberately ignore or refuse to celebrate women who don’t fit their narrative — especially women who choose to keep and own firearms. Even more egregious is the media’s refusal to report on gun-toting women using firearms as a last line of defense. Like law-abiding male gun owners, law-abiding female gun owners are making their communities safer places.

There has been a surge of news stories in 2016 featuring women stopping crimes thanks to firearms.

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Three particular women and their unique stories of bravery deserve more coverage than the media currently award them. They vary in age, socioeconomic status and origin but have one thing in common: They have recently stopped or prevented crimes using firearms.

The first story involves grandmother Maggie Mejias, who stopped would-be robbers pointing a gun at her 2-year-old granddaughter in a Winn Dixie parking lot in Deltona, Fla., on March 4. According to local news reports, Ms. Mejias grabbed the gun from the main suspect, turned it on him, and pointed it directly at his forehead. The gunman then bolted the scene into his getaway car with his two cohorts. He was later pursued byMs. Mejias until police apprehended him and his accomplices. The primary suspect was charged with robbery with a firearm, child abuse and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The other two accomplices were charged with principal to robbery with a firearm. All three criminals are now facing jail time. It is amazing to see this grandma to turn the tables on these criminals, no?

The second story involves a 29-year-old woman from Minot, N.D., who stopped an attempted burglary from happening in her home. According to reports, the unidentified woman stepped outside after 7 p.m. on March 10 to tend to her dog when a burglar hit her in the face and knocked her down a stairway at her residence. After this peculiar encounter, the perpetrator tried to enter her home, but bolted when the young woman grabbed for her firearm. She managed to aim it at him — and the mere sight of the gun scared him away. Had this young woman not been in possession of her firearm, she would have been vulnerable to greater harm.

The third story is perhaps the most publicized story of the three because it received national attention. It involves a brave Kentucky woman who used her gun to shoot a guy in the neck and buttocks after he attempted to rob her at knifepoint. The suspect was stalking her the evening of Jan. 26 in Louisville, Ky. According to reports, he followed her into a shopping mall elevator and then proceeded to follow her to the parking lot. After exiting the elevator, the attacker chased the gun-toting gal toward her car and attempted to beat her — only to find himself face-to-face with her Beretta handgun. Miraculously, she fended off her attacker by shooting him. The attacker was later charged with attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping; he is also being held on a $20,000 cash bond. The woman was in possession of an Indiana concealed carry permit for her Beretta gun at the time. It’s a relief she was armed and prepared to subdue this criminal, who would have prevailed had she not been armed.

These three stories give a glimpse into the world of women desiring to protect themselves and others with the assistance of firearms. They refused to become victims of senseless crimes and decided to fight back.

Countless female gun owners out there are subduing criminals and would-be attackers with firearms despite the lack of media coverage. They, like their male counterparts, are playing an important role in thwarting crime and protecting people around them.

The rise in female gun owners shouldn’t come as a surprise. More women are taking up firearms and receiving corresponding training to better protect themselves, their families and their friends. Why? Guns are the great equalizer that allow us the same opportunities afforded to men to better fend off an attack.

This March, remember to acknowledge female gun owners for their bravery, courage and empowered status. Their heroism is commendable and worth celebrating.


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