Idaho Set To Become 9th Constitutional Carry State

On the heels of West Virginia’s override of gun control Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of Constitutional Carry, the Idaho Senate has overwhelmingly passed their own permit-less carry bill by a vote of 27-8.

The Idaho Senate wasted little time in moving forward after SB 1389 passed through committee Tuesday with a 6-3 vote in approval.

The bill, when it becomes law, will allow adults 21 year or older to conceal their weapon without a permit or training. Adults aged 18 to 20 would still need a permit and training.

Firearms attorney Alexandria Kincaid had this to say about the law:

“Permitless carry means that if you are a law abiding citizen and you can lawfully possess a firearm, you can also carry it without getting extra government permission to do that, and you can carry it whether it’s open or concealed.”

While Idaho all ready has a provision allowing for the ability to carry concealed without a permit in some parts of the state it is not uniformed and is a patchwork of municipalities where permits were needed and areas where one is not.  Kincaid illustrates the kind of problems such a hodgepode system produces:

“Do you know when you travel down the freeway when you are crossing into city limits? You might see a sign but most people don’t know where those arbitrary geographical boundaries really are. Gun owners can lawfully own a gun in some locations and just because they travel with it somewhere else, all of the sudden they are breaking the law.”

The permit system will remain in effect for those under 21 and will also be available for residents of Idaho who would like a permit in order to travel to other states that recognize and honor the Idaho permit.

As you can imagine, the gun controllers are blowing a gasket.

Moms Demand Action was ready and willing to spit out the same tired nonsensical and illogical rhetoric as always.  Spokeswoman from Moms Demand Action, Hannah Sharp, had this to say:

“The great thing about the permit system is that we know the people who are concealed carrying have passed a background check so that they are not a criminal offender and they have gone through some sort of safety training and they know how to handle a weapon responsibly.”

The gun control zealot once again fails to grasp that criminals were NEVER being stopped because they couldn’t get a concealed carry permit.  I mean, they’re criminals and if they are going to break the law to murder and steal, why exactly would they draw the line at following the law when rejected for a CCW?  If they even wanted to get one in the first place.

My favorite ridiculous statement from Hannah Sharp has to be this one though:

“This permit system has been in Idaho for 99 years. It’s worked that whole time. There is no need to get rid of that now.”

We had slavery in this country for 90 years (over 200 years if you include the time we were a colony)  and a lot of people said it worked the whole time and that there was no need to get rid of it either.

Just because something has been around for a long time Ms Sharp, doesn’t mean that it is right or that it should continue.  Especially when it is an affront to the liberty and freedom of the American people.

The bill now moves on to the House and if passed will then require Governor Otter’s signature to become law.

Upon it’s signing almost 20% of states in America will have Constitutional Carry.

I call that a good start.

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