Gun Controllers Won’t Enforce Gun Laws Against Actual Criminals

It’s the ultimate conundrum when radical liberals who hate guns so much but love to protect criminals who use them find the paradox when these two opposing forces come together.

Case in point, a recent criminal in Minnesota stole broke into a home, cut open a safe and stole 85 guns worth over $100,000 and sold them.  When the thief was finally caught, 82 guns were able to be recovered.  Whether they will be returned to their rightful owner has yet to be determined.

And what did this criminal scumbag get for his aggregious act?  Well according to our friends at

Under Minnesota law, a person could receive a sentence of up to 20 years or $35,000 in fines for just one count of burglary in the first degree. However, if that theft included a gun, the prison sentence could be the same with the fines escalating to $100,000!

So, in actuality, the thief, Brian Reicks, 19, of Riceville, Iowa was facing 1700 years in prison and bank breaking fines.  Sure, no one is going to give him that penalty but what he DID get was so ridiculous it makes one wonder how blatantly on the side of criminals gun controllers are allowed to be before the rest of the population catches on.

From the Freedom Outpost article:

Reicks is also on a 90-day suspended sentence, according to the Filmore County Sheriff’s office, and is subject to $590 in fees and restitution on a misdemeanor receiving stolen property charge picked up in the same county in 2015. Guess what? Charges of felony burglary and damage to property were dismissed against him in that case.

You can read the article in its entirety here: 

What Happens if You Steal More than $100,000 Worth of Guns in Minnesota? You Get Probation!

So Reicks on top of the suspended sentence, gets a twenty year probation, a fine that in some parts of the country is equivalent to running a red light and gets to go on his merry little way even though he is a REPEAT offender.

And what of those three firearms that were not recovered?  No doubt if they are used in a crime or mass shooting, gun controllers will be out in full force to blame the victim of this crime and his “evil” guns and push for more gun control, while those who perpetrate such theft and facilitate crime are free to go on their nefarious ways.

The judicial system is assuredly broken when we give passes to criminals and drop the hammer on law abiding citizens.

Just another example that gun controllers are looking out for criminals and looking to make law abiding citizens as helpless as they can be before them.

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