Iowa Set To Become 42nd State to Legalize Suppressors

In case you were unaware, guns are loud.  Suppressors lower the level of decibels that guns make and as a result protect the hearing of the shooter and those around him or her.  Yet, what suppressors do NOT do, despite what years of bad Hollywood movie making would have you believe, is SILENCE a gun.

The “silencer” is a myth made up by Hollywood and propagated by the gun controllers seeking to use fear tactics to limit all kinds of access to the Second Amendment.

A gunshot decibel level can come in between 140-190 dB (depending on the weapon) and can harm your hearing if you are not wearing ear protection.  The threshold for pain is about 130dB.  A suppressor takes enough of the edge off of the gunshot to bring the db level down to 120.

To put that to a real world comparison, standing 1 meter away from a motorcycle while it is revving is 100 dB and being at a Rock Concert is 110 dB.

So despite what Michael Bloomberg, Moms Demand Action and Hollywood would have you believe, a suppressor does not silence gunfire, it just decreases the volume to that of a Rock Concert or a motorcycle revving next to you.

Here’s a graphic to help illustrate the point.

Decibel Reference

This actual look at facts and the truth is what led the Iowa state House and Senate to pass the Hearing Protection Act.

The Hearing Protection Act passed the Senate by a vote of 46-4 and passed the House by a vote of 78-21. If signed by Gov. Branstad (which he has indicated he will), Iowa will “become the 42nd state to allow for the sale, use and possession of firearm sound suppressors.”

Not only does this Act strengthen the 2nd Amendment and deal a defeat for liberty hating Michael Bloomberg, it is also a health issue in that it protects the hearing of both people who work at gun ranges and those who frequent them.

Hopefully soon all 50 states will put the well being and hearing of law abiding citizens before the machinations of Michael Bloomberg and his Hollywood fantasies.


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