Old Codger On Oxygen Levels Playing Field When He Pulls Gun On 2 Home Invaders

One of the most egregious arguments that gun controllers use, that really gets me fired up is when they say that those who might need guns the most are the ones who should be denied them.

The familiar gun control trope that women are too weak and frail to have a gun and will most likely have it taken from them and used against them, that the old or the physically disabled aren’t able to draw and fire against an attacker.

It’s total BS and the fact that liberals spew forth this drivel just goes to show how hypocritical they are.

I especially love when a story like this one comes to light and shows that the gun is the great equalizer and that even a man with an oxygen tank can level the playing field against a pair of young street toughs with malice on their minds.

In Washington County, MO a pair of men, Steve Ray Hedrick Jr and his uncle, approached a home of an elderly man looking to steal his prescription drugs.  When the elderly man, who was hooked up to an oxygen tank at the time, answered the door the two suspects busted their way into his home.

Upon roughing up the old man the two thugs through him on the couch and the uncle began to work him over.   Unfortunately for the two home invaders the homeowner was able to secure his firearm and came up shooting, pressing the barrel against Hedrick’s uncles gut and squeezed the trigger.

When the uncle was shot in the abdomen,  both men fled later seeking medical aid in Potosi’s city limits.

The homeowner called 911 to report what happened and that he was having chest pains.  The homeowner was taken to Washington County Hospital.

Hedrick was arrested and charged with a class C felony of attempted robbery in the second degree, a class B felony of burglary in the first degree and a class D felony of tampering with physical evidence.

His uncle remains in critical but stable condition at Mercy Creve Coeur.

The homeowner was admitted and treated for bruises, abrasions and shortness of breath but otherwise fine.

Once again, thankfully he had a gun and could stop two healthy men who would have otherwise overpowered and beaten him.

Another gun defending the weak…though you’ll never hear the gun controllers admit it.



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