Financially Supports 2nd Amendment Advocacy Groups…sort of

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So we all know that Amazon bans all type of sales on firearms and ammunitions on its website and that Jeff Bezos himself is a Democrat supporting gun hater from the left coast.

Despite how Bezos himself likes to call himself a “libertarian” I doubt a man who owns a business that denies its customers their ability to support their own exercising of their 2nd Amendment rights AS WELL as their First Amendment rights (Amazon also bans the sale of the Confederate Battle Flag) the truth as they say is in the pudding.  Jeff Bezos, liberal left coaster.

Now usually I advocate and follow a personal boycott of all anti 2nd Amendment establishments but the ease, cost and range of items at Amazon was making it very difficult for me to do so.

But then I found out something that just amuses me greatly.  Amazon (and extensibly gun hater Jeff Bezos) will donate money to charitable organizations of your choice if you go through

This came up when I had to purchase a hard to find part for my motorcycle.  I figured they would give me a list of all these touchy feely save the planet, stop war BS charities.  But in fact their range is quite extensive.

And wouldn’t you know it, among the options were my old friends at Gun Owners of America’s  501(c)(3) charitable organization, Gun Owners Foundation.  The Gun Owners Foundation educates the public about the importance of the Second Amendment and to provide legal, expert and support assistance for law-abiding individuals involved in firearms-related cases.

Now, thanks to me, Amazon is helping them to continue their mission.


A little more about the Foundation before I go back to the joy of having anti gunners pay for what they hate.

The Foundation continues to research, publish and distribute numerous books, monographs, issue briefs, audio and video tapes, and other educational materials relating to firearms rights.

The Foundation has been involved in numerous cases of assistance to organizations and individuals against federal firearms charges, as well as state and local prosecutions for the use of a firearm in self-defense.

GOF has been active not only in criminal cases, but also in civil and administrative matters.

You can read more about Gun Owners of America at and their charitable foundation at

Back to Amazon.  Do I LIKE that Amazon has taken positions that I find distasteful?  No.  But do I love that every little bit I buy from them forces them to support an organization that I believe in and they don’t?  Absolutely.

Now, don’t get me wrong, its not like I am going to start buying MORE from Amazon or go out of my way to buy from them.  If I did then they would be getting the better of the deal because they would be using me to increase their sales.  I’m not going to help them…no…they are going to help me support the 2nd Amendment.

Food for thought in case you buy from Amazon but do so with a foul taste in your mouth.  I suggest you utilize and put the foul taste in THEIR mouth by making them support the 2nd Amendment.



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