It’s Islamic Terrorism Obama, Stop Being A [email protected] and Call It What It IS

I’m not sure what its going to take in order to have President Obama finally declare that an obvious, Muslim inspired, middle eastern originating, violent act of wholesale slaughter is in fact an act of ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

With the recent act of Islamic Terrorism at an Orlando Gay nightclub in which over 100 people were either killed or injured by a man on the FBI watchlist, who had ties to ISIS and openly spoke praising the group, and whose actions were championed by the terrrorist group itself, Obama REFUSES to call it an act of Islamic terrorism.

I mean, what does a Muslim Terrorist have to do in order for Obama to call it an act of Islamic Terrorism?  Call the police while on engaging in terrorism and tell them that that is what he is doing?  Oh wait…THAT HAPPENED.

Omar Mateen called the cops to pledge his fealty to ISIS as he was carrying out his mass murder in Orlando

Obama’s cowardice and his coddling of the enemy does a disservice to his this country and shows the world that the leader of the US is more interested in political correctness than the safeguarding of US citizens.

What’s more, the only time it appears that Obama has a spine is when he is defending Muslim Terrorists.  Saying that his refusal to call Islamic Terrorism “Islamic Terrorism” is a “political talking point” brought forth by his enemies.  Yeah, your fellow America’s who are sick and tired of seeing you kow tow to Islamic Terrorism are your enemy, not your radical Islamic buddies who you bend over backwards in order to coddle.

Not only does our cowardly liberal lion of a President downplay the role of Islamic terrorism in the United states, of which a number of attacks have taken place during his presidency, he uses his own ineffectiveness and penchant to facilitate Islamic terrorism to push for legislation to make it even MORE dangerous for US citizens by proposing more gun control.

A gun didn’t just walk into a gay bar and shoot up the place.  A MUSLIM TERRORIST did that.  But Obama doesn’t want to say that.  Either because he is a coward or a fool.  Or he’s just both.

This is no different than the California shooting spree done by Islamic Terrorist Husband and Wife Duo.  CA Mass Shooting, Why can’t liberals call it what it is: A Muslim TERRORIST Attack

My favorite description of the way Obama is handling things and is hissy fit that he is throwing at being called out for not stating that Islamic Terrorists are perpetrating these acts comes from former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton who said:

“It shows the president to be a small man.”

A small, weak, pussywillow of a man who is a bigger trainwreck for America than Carter ever was. He has done everything in his power to weaken America over the past 8 years because he unequivically does not love this country.  His wife even said the first time she was ever proud to be an American was when her husband was elected President.  The Obama’s both don’t care for this country and prefer a weaker United States because they care for the rest of the world more than they do this country.

Woefully, I tell you now that, President Obama does NOT care about protecting American lives, he will keep trying to appease our enemies, because they are OUR enemies and not HIS enemies.  He will let undocumented foreigners continue to flow into this country, he will keep trying to strip the right of self defense away from American citizens and if we, as a people, don’t like it…well, apparently we are intolerant, xenophobic racists who cling to our guns and our bibles.

The bright side is that we are only months away from the end of this treacherous cowards reign of diminishing and endangering America.

Of course, if we, as a nation choose Hilary Clinton to replace him, things will only get worse.  Not only did she leave 4 US citizens to die in Benghazi and was complicit with Obama in falsely blaming a youtube video for the attack and not Islamic Terrorism,

And for the first 48 hours Clinton also refused to call a spade a spade and in this case a spade being Islamic Terrorism.  That is until Donald Trump started browbeating her for it and she realized she was losing poll numbers because of it.

But she didn’t call it Islamic Terrorism in Brussels, or in San Bernadino.  In fact just this past November Hillary Clinton had THIS to say about the matter:

Let’s be clear, though. Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

She basically is saying that Muslims CAN’T be terrorists.

Well, I, America, Anyone who isn’t Braindead, Facts, the Truth, and common sense all disagree.

Even logic, the bane of liberals everywhere sides with me in this statement.  Not all Muslims are Islamic Terrorists, but all Islamic Terrorists are Muslims.

I may have my reservations and doubts about Trump, but he sure as hell won’t balk at calling something as it is.

8 years of a spineless America hating coward is enough…I’ve no interest in an Clinton first term that will be reminiscent of an Obama third term.

And after the mess that Obama left us in, we need less gun control in order to fight back against the enemies he has let loose upon our shores.


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