Pokemon Go Player Turns Table on Mugger: BLASTOISE I CHOOSE YOU!!

In case you aren’t aware of the new “augmented reality” game Pokemon GO, it is a game played on your cell phone in which you walk around outside searching for animated monsters to collect and train and then have battles with other Pokemon trainers.

It is an extremely popular game with millions of players walking about trying to “catch em all.”

This game is not without its peril though.  Reports of injuries and accidents with people not paying attention to where they are walking or trying to play when they are driving are popping up but one story in particular caught my interest out in Las Vegas.

Around 4am on Monday morning a player and six of his friends were walking about a Las Vegas park that was a hot spot for Pokemon hunting.

That is when an armed man and a juvenile driving in an SUV rolled up on the group and attempted to rob them at gun point.

Now the more cynical of you will envision this group as a bunch of nerds playing a video game and as such just rolled over and handed their would be muggers everything they had.  You would be wrong on both accounts.  First, anyone can enjoy a good video game.  And second, the pair in the SUV chose the wrong gamers to mess with on this morning.

Because when the gunman demanded all their money and goods, one of the Pokemon trainers responded by giving him what he had…bullets first.

In the short shoot out that followed one of the would be mugger was hit but escaped as was one of the Pokemon players with a minor injury.

The suspect was apprehended at the hospital when he went to have his bullet wound tended.

The police haven’t stated if this was a crime of opportunity or if the Pokemon Go players were targeted specifically.  Gary Reese Freedom Park, where the shootout took place, is known as a good place to collect fish monsters for players and is frequented often by those seeking to get a good catch at all hours of the day.

This wouldn’t be the first recorded incident of Pokemon Go players being targeted as four St. Louis teens were luring people to a particular hot spot for Pokemon before robbing them.

Outside of a minor wound for one of the players, this is a very good story of why one should always be aware of their surroundings and have the tools in which to handle a dangerous situation should it arise.  You may be playing a game of augmented reality…but there is STILL the reality part that must be considered, and monsters aren’t limited to the virtual world.  There are plenty that walk upon two legs in the real world.

But thanks to an armed Pokemon Go player, there is one less out there right now preying on people.


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