The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton (Part 1)

“Friends” of Hillary Clinton, let alone enemies, have a strange habit of turning up dead if they ever find themselves tempted to turn on her.  Now, there are plenty of conspiracy theories out there that make outlandish connections to unsolved murders in Arkansas, tangential ex parte motives to try and tie the Clintons to every bump in the night.

This is not that.

This is a list of a surprising number of people who end up dead who were DIRECTLY involved with the Clinton inner circle, either part of the Administration, their lawyers, their doctors etc.  A couple or a few mysterious deaths is one thing and can be overlooked, but the fact that this is only PART ONE because the list is so long, belies the notion of random happenstance.

Let’s start with how the safest form of travel seems to be a death trap for any associate of the Clintons.

Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, April 1996: The former DNC Chairman was under investigation for defrauding the Federal government of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Brown was willing to make a deal and vowed that he “would not go down alone.”  Ironically, Brown was right because before he had a chance to testify against the Clinton’s his plane flew into a mountain for “inexplicable” reasons, killing all 34 passengers on board save two (but I’ll get to that in a second).

It is inexplicable because no black box was recovered.  But what about the survivors.  For one there was Ron Brown who didn’t die due to the plane crash but what the pathologists found to be consistent with a bullet hole from a .45 caliber round in the back of his head.  The second was US Air Force Tech SGT Shelley Kelly.  She survived the crash in the rear jump seat of the plane only to die hours later on the way to the hospital in an ambulance.

On top of all that, for the first time ever, the Air Force cancelled the safety investigation of a U.S. government plane crash on friendly soil.

Take from that what you will.

Dr. Ronald Rogers DDS March, 1994: The long time dentist of the Clinton’s decided that he would reveal the dirt on the shade the Clinton’s were casting by giving a tell-all interview with the London Sunday Telegraph.  On his way to meet with the reporter his plane, a twin engine Cessna dropped off radar and crashed; it’s fuel tanks still pretty much filled.

Herschel Friday March, 1994: A fund raiser for, benefactor of  and lawyer to the Clinton’s.  He also died when his plane crashed upon landing near his home in Arkansas.

Stanley Heard September, 1993: Chair of Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Commission for the Clinton White House who also treated the Clinton family.  Yet another victim of a plane crash.  Fire was reported on board the plane before it crashed.

Victor Raiser July, 1992:  A finance co-chair of the Clinton’s first run at the Whitehouse was killed, along with his son when their plane crashed during an Alaska fishing trip.  The former finance chair of the DNC was regarded by White House spokeswoman Dee Dee Meyers as a “major player.”

We’ll round out Part one with other deaths that were classified “accidents.”

Paula Grober December, 1992: The speech interpreter for the deaf for Bill Clinton.  Traveled with Bill from 1978 until her death.  She died in a car crash during the afternoon with no witnesses or cause of the crash discovered.

William Colby April, 1996: Former head of the CIA, Colby was a contributing editor to the Strategic Investor and was set to deliver analysis on the validity of the Vince Foster suicide note.  He died in a canoeing accident before his findings were made public.

Here is a further summary of names that can be chalked up to the “accident” section.  The accident being that they knew the Clintons and knew too much at that.

Steven Dickson, Plane Crash (Clinton Health Care Advisory Committee)
Johnny Franklin Lawhon, Car Accident (Found Whitewater Canceled Check in Car after Tornado)
Theodore Williams, Betty Currie’s brother, Beaten before Betty’s Senate testimony then Car/Pedestrian Accident during Monica story(Key Witness’ brother)
Judy Gibbs, Fire (Alleged Clinton Girlfriend, Witness)
Neal Cooper Moody, Car Accident (Step Son of Vince Foster Widow, Lisa)
Mohammed Samir Ferrat, TWA 800 Plane Crash (Brown connections, initial suspect)
Dan Dutko (Head Injuries, Bike accident) DNC Fund Raiser
David Drye, Plane Crash (friend of Matrisciana – Clinton’s Chronicles, etc.)
Lt Colonel Mark Cwick (auto accident, Clinton pilot)
Major Marc Hohle (helicopter crash Okinawa, Clinton pilot)
Eddie Pack (Waco research, microwave exposure)
Reverend Roger Howard (Waco research, automobile)
Manual Howard (Waco research, automobile)
James Ray Dobbins (Waco research, automobile)


Now some of you may think that Bill Clinton was President and Governor and the one in charge so most of these deaths would be on him.  Hillary Clinton has universally been understood to be the hatchet man in their relationship.  One need only look to the long line of women that Hillary Clinton has tried to destroy simply because they dared to speak out against her meal ticket husband.

Hillary Clinton craves power like a fat kid craves cake.  She will gorge herself on it and will cut down anyone who threatens to take it away.  So yes, if dirty deeds needing doing from the shadows, none should doubt that between Bill and Hillary, it was the latter who was slicing throats.

And as I said, this is only PART ONE.  Come back tomorrow for Part Two where we get into the rampant amount of suicides that seem to plague the friends and colleagues of Hillary Clinton.


The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton (Part 2)

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