The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton (Part 2)

If you read Part one of this series then you discovered that mechanical failure happens A LOT to Hillary Clinton’s associates who might be thinking of airing out some dirty laundry.

Of course, there are only so many planes that can crash before even the most liberal of media outlets start actually looking into things.

That brings us to the 2nd way that Hillary Clinton “friends” seem to journey to the undiscovered country; Suicide.

It seems like an awful lot of people who know the Clinton’s want to kill themselves.

The most recognized being

White House Counsel Vince Foster July, 1993: Foster was a long time collegue of Hillary Clinton’s going back to Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm.  Foster was found dead in Ft. Mercy park on July 20th, 1993 and from the minute his body was discovered things never quite added up right.  The person who discovered the body didn’t recall seeing a gun.  Yet the investigators stated that the gun was in Foster’s hand.  That in and of itself puts the entire question of suicide under a microscope.  When someone shoots themselves in the head the likelihood of them holding onto the gun after death is remote at best especially if they were standing at the time since the recoil of the gun, the spasm of death and the fall to the ground would all act to dislodge the gun from the persons grip.  The fact that Foster still held the gun reeks of someone watching too much TV and staging it like the saw it on a show.

One investigator did not toe the company line, US Attorney Miguel Rodriguez, who believed the death was a homocide.  Pointing to a SECOND wound on Foster’s neck consistent with a second gun shot.  By the way, no bullet casings were found near the body.  Rodriguez resigned over this and in his resignation letter stated: “As an ethical person, I don’t believe I could be involved in what they were doing.”

Speaking of letters, Foster did not leave a signed suicide note but a ripped up letter was found in his briefcase. In 27 pieces with a piece that would contain his signature oddly missing.  And a crumpled and ripped up piece of paper is a little harder to authenticate its genesis than a pristine piece of paper with an attached signature.

Why would Hillary want her longtime collegue out of the way?  On top of the rumors that the two were having an affair that may have soured, Foster was about to testify on documents that Hillary Clinton refused to turn over to Congress (sound familiar?).  Furthermore, depending on the scope of the questioning, Foster had in depth knowledge of the Clinton finances.

Admiral Jeremy Boorda May, 1996: Boorda was the Chief of Naval Operations.  His suicide was attributed to the wearing of two V devices on his ribbons after being verbally authorized by his commanding officer for his service in Vietnam.  That turned out, not to be the case so Boorda stopped wearing them.  More than a year later, the investigators want us to believe that Boorda felt so despondent over this that he shot himself twice in the chest.

Two typed and UNSIGNED suicide notes were found.

Ed Wiley November, 1993: Wiley was a Clinton Fundraiser who allegedly went deep into the woods of Virginia and shot himself in the head.  This “suicide” took place the same day his wife came forward and stated that Bill Clinton had groped her.

Danny Casolaro August, 1991: Casolaro was an investigative reporter who was tracking down a story on the Clinton’s concerning their involvement in illegal land deals later to be referred to as the Whitewater scandal.  His alleged suicide came in the form of slashed wrists in a bathtub at a hotel in Martinsburg, WV.  His family refutes this as Casolaro told his brother that he was receiving threatening phone calls and that if anything happened to him in Martinsburg it would not be an accident.

John Wilson May, 1993: Wilson was a DC Council Chairman who also had connections with the Whitewater scandal.  Was reportedly willing to testify to his knowledge of it and was found shortly thereafter in his basement hung to death.


A lot of people without a lot of signed suicide notes.  Some, like Wiley’s wife fully believe that their loved ones were murdered by the Clinton’s.

As I said in Part One with all the “accidents”; perhaps a couple or a few is just coincidence but when bodies keep piling up from people, by those who knew them best, would never imagine them killing themselves one must stop and wonder if maybe they didn’t.

Check out Part Three tomorrow where Hillary Clinton sheds off pretense and just goes out and starts murdering people who know too much.

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