The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton (Part 3)

If you have been with us for the first two installments than you know we have delved into how many “accidents” seem to befall Hillary Clinton’s friends as well as how many people who know her seem to end up killing themselves.

Well, you can only knock so many planes out of the sky and EVERYONE can’t just up and kill themselves so that leaves the least subtle way; outright murder.  And this too has come to pass for a surprisingly high number of former Clinton associates.

Jerry Luther Parks September, 1993: Head of Security for the Clinton’s back in Little Rock, two months after Vince Foster’s “suicide”, Parks was gunned down while driving his car through an intersection.  A lone gunman fired several shots into the car killing parks and then vanishing.  The murder has never been solved and according to Parks’ son Gary, his father kept a dossier on the Clinton’s that was stolen from his house weeks prior to his murder.  Parks was also planning to act on the information that he held.

Barbara Wise November, 1996: Wise was a close associate of Ron Brown and was found dead in her office in the Department of Commerce a few months after Ron Brown’s plane crash.  The circumstances of which are pretty fishy.  First, when she was found in her locked office she was partially nude with contusions over her body.  The initial investigating officer determined that the scene made it prudent to investigate it as homicide.  Yet, shortly thereafter he was overruled and Wise was declared to have died of natural causes BEFORE an autopsy was done.

No culprit was found in her death.

Mary Mahoney July, 1997: Mahoney was a 25 year old former White House intern who also had some inside information about not only Bill’s lascivious appetites but also Hillary’s retribution in trying to destroy women who complained.  On July 7th, as Mahoney and two of her co-workers at the Starbucks she managed were closing up, gunman entered the store and executed them.  Mahoney was shot 5 times from two different guns in her chest, face and back of her head.  Two other employees present,  Aaron Goodrich, 18 and Emory Evans, 25 were taken to the back room and shot as well.  A total of 10 shots were fired without anyone from the populated Georgetown neighborhood hearing.  Suppressors were believed to be used.  Upon investigation, instead of ruling it a triple murder, the police ruled it a robbery yet over $4000 was left untouched in the store and even the police admitted to the “execution style” murder.

Another oddity, The store’s doors had been locked from the outside, as if the night crew had locked them before leaving the night before, as they did every night. Apparently, the hit squad locked up behind them after committing the murders.

Eventually, law enforcement pinned the murders on Carl Cooper, who despite not having evidence against him confessed after a 54 hour interrogation.  He would later recant.

Cooper‘s attorney Steven Kirsch told US District Court Judge Joyce Hens Green: “No matter how many times Mr. Cooper denied his involvement, they kept pressuring him. They kept pressuring him until they got what they wanted.”


On top of the blatant murders there are a number of people who just upped and died due to “natural causes.”  Now, while that all may be legitimate, with so many bodies dropping around Hillary Clinton it is prudent to look at them with a critical eye.

James McDougal – Whitewater Partner – Died of massive heartattack

Paul Tully – Top Democratic Strategist – Died of massive heart failure

Paul Wilcher – Attorney investigating Clintons with reporter Casolaro – Found dead on the toilet

*In his report to Attorney General Reno, Wilcher said that he was in grave danger and that if the information he had for the Attorney General fell into the wrong hands, there could be people “silenced in the very near future.”

Apparently Wilcher had the right of it because bodies continue to pile up in the wake of Hillary Clinton and it is not something that is limited to the 90’s.

Just recently, John Ashe, former President of the UN’s General Assembly coincidentally was found dead just a few days before testifying against Hillary Clinton in a corruption case.

Former President of UN General Assembly John Ashe June, 2016: Ashe was found dead on the 22nd of June at his home yet the manner of his death was in dispute.  The U.N. claimed that he had died from a heart attack. Local police officers in Dobbs Ferry, New York, later disputed that claim, saying instead that he died from a workout accident that crushed his throat.

Another “accident” befalling someone who had information detrimental to Hillary Clinton, right before they were going to share it.

At some point claiming coincidence is just a fool’s errand and insulting to anyone with eyes to see what is going on here.

Hillary Clinton is a monster…a dangerous dangerous monster who will stop at nothing to get power and then keep power.  Even if she has to wade in the ocean of blood spilled by people whose only crime was to know her for who she is.

This is the final installment of The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton, though there are no doubt more bodies out there and those yet to come.  If you missed either of the first two entries you can link to them below.

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