Another Gun Grabber, PA AG Kathleen Kane, Gets Her Comeuppance

Long time readers of Bullets First know that I do not care for Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane.

Kane, in her short, corrupt, scandal ridden tenure as attorney general made it her mission to undo and undermine every firearm reciprocity agreement the commonwealth had with other states.

This anti-American vitriol that Kane had against the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution at large could not contain itself though and spread into every aspect of Kane’s reign.

Kane, by all accounts was a petty, vindictive, scheming megalomaniac who would break the law in order to punish her enemies and protect her friends.

She stopped an investigation into Philadelphia political corruption because all of those committing the crimes were democrats.  While Kane squawked that the investigation started by her predecessor was sloppy and poorly done, after she squashed the AG’s office investigation local prosecutors picked up the case and secured a number of guilty pleas as well as grand jury indictments.

So much for a poor investigation.  The cronyism of Kane was so evident that the non partisan public watchdog group The Committee of Seventy demanded an independent investigation into Kane be started then with the notion that she returned political favors for legal protection.

But it wouldn’t be her hatred for the 2nd Amendment or her protection of her friends that would usher her fall…it was her small pettiness.

On August 6, 2015 Kane was charged with one count of perjury, one count of false swearing, three counts of obstructing administration of law, and four counts of official oppression in connection with grand jury leaks.  Leaks that were meant to discredit political rival, Frank Fina.

A month and a half later on September 21st, the PA Supreme Court suspended Kane’s law license.

A year later, justice was served when Kane was found guilty of all charges on August 15, 2016.  After basically years of refusing to resign and acting, quite frankly, like a crazy woman pointing to conspiracies against her, Kane finally had her comeuppance.

She also finally saw the writing on the wall and resigned from her position as the top prosecutor of the commonwealth.  Yeah, I guess being the AG is kind of a conflict of interest when you are also a convicted felon.

Kane faces a maximum sentence of 28 years but most likely will get off with much less.  Kane will have to turn in her passport but will remain free on her own recognizance until the sentencing at 10am on Oct. 24th.

But take a look at the stern warning that Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy felt needed to be said to Kane:

“There is to be absolutely no retaliation of any kind against any witness in this case, either by your own devices, from your own mouth or your hand, or directing anybody to do anything.”

The fact the judge felt compelled to issue a warning more apropos to a mob boss than an attorney general gives you some notion of just how nefarious Kathleen Kane’s character really is.

Oh, did I mention that when Kane ran for the position 4 years ago she did so with the promise to “uncover political interference in Pennsylvania.”

In a oddly twisted way I suppose she did…hahaha.


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