Scumbag Proves Who Gun Control Hurts In New York City When He Robs 93 Year Old Woman

Take a look at this scumbag.


Fortunately he was arrested but in a perfect world he would have been lying in a pool of his own blood after he sexually violated a 93 year old woman in New York City, reaching into her bra and stealing $600 of her pension money.

This 26 year old reprobate is named Broyoan Lopez and he preyed on 93 year old Maria Altagracia Vasquez after she left the bank and went to a clothing store.  Following her into the store he strode up next to her while she was in her wheel chair, reached into her bra and stole the money that she had there.  Vasquez no doubt believed that common decency would have kept her money safe but in the growing cesspool of Mayor DeBlasio’s New York City, such assumptions are quickly fading to the reality of the situation.

And why was this piece of trash so confident that he could brazenly rob an elderly women in the light of day?

Because he was young and strong and viewed her as a weak target easily picked at and violated.

If ONLY there was some instrument or tool that was created in the past 700 years or so that could have evened the playing field and given pause to even such a degenerate as Broyoan Lopez.

Oh wait…there has been…looks like this:


The 2nd Amendment was written down because at its heart it is the enumeration that the weak have the God given right to protect themselves from those who would do them harm.  In the grand scheme of things that means the populace being able to defend themselves from a tyrannical government, but taken to a personal level it means that a 93 year old retiree would be able to defend herself from some sleazy mugger who would dare lay his hands upon her and steal her money.

I assure you that cowards like Broyoan Lopez would think much differently if in New York City his targets, apparently senior citizen women, weren’t merely unarmed sheep waiting to be violated but rather were able and prepared to respond like this:

granny gun

Cowards like Lopez always go for the path of least resistance when they choose their targets.  And despotic politicians like Andrew Cuomo, Bill DeBlasio and Michael Bloomberg have helped create an entire city that is in a sense a criminal entitlement zone where filth like Lopez can commit these crimes with little fear of personal harm.

Lopez was picked up earlier this morning just three blocks away from where he mugged Vasquez.  Charges are pending but even in New York, with clear video evidence this seems like a slam dunk.  Then again, it is New York and bad guys getting what they deserve seems to be a roll of the dice.

We probably wouldn’t have to even worry about Broyoan Lopez had Vasquez had the tools to defend herself…outside of cleaning up the mess that the three holes in Lopez’s chest could have made on that clothing store floor.

When politicians talk about gun control and “common sense” what they really mean is that in their ideal world, Broyoan Lopez is free to do to Maria Vasquez whatever he wants to because guns are bad even if an old lady uses one to protect herself from a predator.

That’s not the America I want to live in…do you?


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