September 9th: Happy Birthday UNITED STATES of America

Reading the title of this article you may think that good old Tony at BulletsFirst has lost his marbles.  July 4th is the recognized date for the birth of our nation.  Or June 21st when in 1788 the Constitution was ratified by the last necessary state.  Or even December 15th when in 1791 the Bill of Rights were ratified.

But no, I say happy birthday not to America…but to the UNITED STATES of America.

You see, thanks to our friends at I learned today that:

On this day, September 9, 1776, the Continental Congress handled several official matters of business. One of them was to pay the Continental Army. In another measure, a resolution was put before the Congress which stated:

“That in all continental commissions, and other instruments, where, heretofore, the words ‘United Colonies’ have been used, the stile be altered for the future to the “United States.”

The measure was overwhelming approved and the United Colonies of America officially became known as the United States of America. Colonies implied that they belonged to another nation or political body whereas States implied an independence free from the political control of another foreign power.

This is also an important declaration because it is the emphasis behind the 10th Amendment that would be written some 15 years later.  That states rights were guaranteed rights as individual entities and rights OVER the newly appointed federal government.

Sadly, somewhere along the way that got overshadowed…much like that pesky part of the 2nd Amendment that says “shall not be infringed”.  But it is always good to know the history in order to restore it.

I invite you to read even more about the genesis of the term United States of America at

Today, September 9, 1776: Colonies Named ‘United States of America’

The more you know, the harder it is for progressive radicals to rewrite history and steal away your rights.


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