A SIGN of a black rifle has tourists in Maine crying over their lobster bisque

I have been guilty in the past of grouping New England together as one big leftest voting bloc of progressive nonsense.  But over the years, as I look at it, there is definitely a tale of two New Englands.  The upper three; Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and the lower three; Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The lower three are bastions of liberal progressive ideology, gun control run amok and oppression and harassment of gun owners and businesses.

The upper three however, while not what anyone would call conservative utopias are libertarian leaning pro gun and self reliance hubs populated mostly by people who just want to be left alone to live their lives.

I mean, Maine and Vermont are both Constitutional Carry states and if it wasn’t for the corrupt Governor of New Hampshire overruling the will of the people with a petty veto the people of the Granite State would have joined them this year.

The problem with good states is that they are often invaded by people from bad states.  One need look no further than Colorado.  A western state that long appreciated peoples self reliance, low taxes, small government and the like.  Californians, hating their high taxes and ridiculous cost of living move in droves and invade Colorado then want to bring all their failed policies with them so taxes go up, government gets oppressive and gun rights get attacked.

But I digress.  This story isn’t about an invasion force, its just about some tourists who got their knickers in a twist because a freedom loving Mainer in Boothbay Harbor named Linc Sample put this sign up in his yard:


Apparently the tourists were SO offended by this sign that they tried to force the town of Boothbay Harbor to make Mr. Sample take it down.

Boothbay Region Chamber of Commerce Director Rick Prose said that they’ve received a few complaints from visitors.

Visitors like Paul Mayor, visiting from Connecticut who had this drivel to spew:

“People are ignorant. They shouldn’t be putting things out like that.  It’s taking a shot obviously at Black Lives Matter.”

Let’s see, a clever play on words, utilizing the First Amendment to illustrate ones feelings on the Second Amendment is somehow “ignorant” to Mayor?  What I find ignorant is that the state of Connecticut uses a tragedy to ram through gun control measures that would not have stopped the tragedy in the first place and does nothing more than hamper the rights of law abiding citizens.  Now THAT’S ignorant.

Other lower New England tourists have decried that the sign is inappropriate or racist or this is Trumps fault…blah blah blah.

So many of the brainwashed lower New Englanders think that when they travel their idiocracy should travel with them.  When they travel to a free state they are shocked and appalled that it doesn’t.

Though I do not want it to seem like I am bunching all the lower New Englanders together, as some are just as frustrated as I am at how terribly and oppressive their states are run.  Jeremy Peeves of Massachusetts, in Boothbay Harbor for a little vacation agreed with the town for not caving into a few crybabies and went one step further saying:

“Massachusetts has a (sporting rifle) ban right now, and I think they should lift it.”

But what really strikes home is the near universal support for Mr. Sample that his fellow Mainers have been giving him.

On top of the town telling the tourists to pound sand here are a few responses from other Mainers:

Shannon Main Leeman:This sign is in my town and I know the owners. I can tell you it doesn’t offend a lot of people who live here. Don’t like it? Drive right by and ignore it!!!

Lois EngelYes I live in Boothbay , the sign changes and I am never offended . We have had many of our Constitutional freedoms eroded, but I believe we still have Freedom of Speech. I notice the same people that are screeching about this sign think it is wonderful that there is a hateful poster in Portland of Governor LePage.

It’s heartening to see people stand up to bullying crybaby liberals who want the entire country to bend to their tyrannical and rights shredding progressive statist mindset.

Keep up the good work patriots…don’t the the social terrorists win.


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