A Tale of Two Samaritan’s; one’s armed, one’s not

Being a good Samaritan is admirable but depending on what your helping hand is actually helping out on it could also be dangerous.  A lesson a pair of do-gooders learned with polar results.

During this past Sunday at a Walmart parking lot in Shawnee Kansas, a woman was attacked by two car jackers while putting her child into a car seat.  The carjackers hit her over the head and she began to scream for help.

Enter good Samaritan #1.  Hearing the woman scream , this 33 year old veteran who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan rushed to the woman’s aid.  The carjackers responded by shooting him in the face and the chest.  Miraculously, he will survive.

Enter good Samaritan #2.  He also ran to help but unlike the first Samaritan, the second man from Desoto was armed with a gun and entered the situation with the tools appropriate to handle the situation.  #2 pulled out his gun, ran to the car jacking and shot one of the carjackers, John W Simmons III, dead.

Here is a video of the aftermath of the shooting:


This women’s commentary is banal at best and pathetic at worst, and its seems like she somehow wants to spin the whole thing to make it about her.  Whatever.

The man in the foreground is the carjacker Simmons and he’s dead.

But the video shows another important aspect of this.  Notice how the entire situation is over.  The cops didn’t STOP the carjacking, an armed citizen did.  The cops showed up AFTER and are now doing their job of investigating.

As they say though, no good deed goes unpunished and both Samaritans suffered injury though the armed one was only minor and was released from the hospital a short time after the incident.  The unarmed vet was in critical condition but his status has been upgraded to stable.

The families have asked that the names of the Samaritan’s be left out of the media and I will respect their wishes.

Unfortunately, the second suspect remains at large, but with luck, if he tries something like this again will join his former partner in the afterlife soon enough.

And the woman who videotaped the aftermath said something stupid that changes if it is elaborated on.  She says because of this “Don’t go to Wal-mart.”  The correction to that would be “Don’t go to Wal-mart or ANYWHERE unarmed.”

Either you let yourself be a victim or you arm yourself and turn the tables on the predators.  In most states, the choice is yours.


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