Islamic Terrorism: Another Reason to ALWAYS Carry Your Sidearm

I am a big believer in carrying everywhere you can LEGALLY do so.  And to avoid places where you cannot…like the city of New York.

But this goes beyond the simple exercising of a right, or even the notion of defending yourself from a just a crime.  One never knows WHAT can happen.  Just as I wear a motorcycle helmet when I go down the street for a quick errand, so too do I carry a firearm because one never knows what might befall you.

This was made apparent over the weekend at a mall in Minnesota where Dahir Ahmed Adan went on an Islamic Jihad against non muslims, stabbing 10 people before finally being stopped…by who…a good guy with a gun.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t just some random act of violence.  Minnesota has the largest proportion of Somalian refugees in the US, of which Adan was one.  That population is also one of the most targeted by ISIS for recruitment.  In June, three men, all in their early 20s from Minneapolis’ Somali community, were convicted of conspiring to commit murder in Syria on behalf of the extremist group. Six others pleaded guilty to supporting ISIS and another man charged was believed to have fled to Syria.

The problem is only getting worse.  With Obama trying to pack this country with as many Muslim refugees as he possibly can before his term is up and doing so without any credible background check or due diligence, the breeding ground is being laid for a sustainable terrorism network in our own country.

Then you have the Afghani born NYC bomber, Ahmad Khan Rahami, who somehow broke through the gun controls magic bubble and got into a firefight with police in Linden, NJ.

Islamic terrorists stabbing people in Minnesota, trying to blow people up and shooting them in NY/NJ, with more and more potential terrorists being ushered in like a going out of business sale by Barack Hussein Obama, the American people are more in need to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights than they have since 1812.

War has come to these shores and it has been going on since Sept 11th, 2001.  Just because the apologist in chief and his pick for successor both refuse to call it Islamic terrorism doesn’t make shooting rampages like the last years attack in San Bernadino not an Islamic terror attack.

Going to work, going to the mall, going to get groceries, going on a night on the town…all are soft targets for Islamic terrorists and as such, one should be ready for that reality.

So yeah, it is time we as a people begin to really stay prepared.  Heads on a swivel, guns at our hip and all the while realize that we are in a state of war, that our current President and Hillary Clinton would continue to welcome our enemy in by the boatload and refuse to even acknowledge that the enemy existed.

I have long referred to Gun free zones as what they really are, Criminal Protection Zones.  We have reached a day where GFZ’s are now going to be a hotbed for Islamic terrorist activity.  If you can avoid such places your chances of being murdered by a bloodthirsty Islamic terrorist will be greatly diminished.  If you can’t avoid GFZ’s and it’s not illegal to do so, I say carry anyways.  Because at the end of the day, thinking a little sign that says “no guns” is going to stop a terrorist is a delusion that Obama, Clinton and their horde of idiotic gun control nuts suffer from.  Be better than that and stay alive.

Stop Islamic terrorism by shooting Islamic terrorists.

Keep your powder dry.

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