My Life Matters #MyLifeMatters

When it all comes down to it, black lives don’t matter.

I’ll pause for effect as that statement, no doubt, has made some progressives pea sized brain explode.

In the same vein, blue lives don’t matter either…nor do all lives matter.

Because quite frankly, at the end of the day, i’m responsible for MY life and when weighed against someone else’s, MY life matters more than theirs.  My life also includes those that I love and care for because they are part of my life.

And it is for that reason…that, to me, my life matters more than other peoples, is why I carry a gun.  Despite all the protests and all the outrage I will not hesitate to put down a rabid animal who walks on two legs regardless of what color their skin is or what job they might have.  The social justice warriors would have us believe that we are all programmed with racist thoughts that cloud our decision making; unless you’re black that is, for some reason, according to progressive SJW’s black people can’t be racist. (HA)

It’s not about color.  It’s about decency and humanity and about my own self preservation.

I’ll even recount a recent story that happened to me.  I was at a Sunoco in Pittsburgh waiting in line to pay for a bottle of Energy Water.  A few people were in front of me including a guy in his late teens.  He was about 6’2 weighing in around 200lbs I’d say.  He was also pacing back and forth, babbling to himself and tensing himself in the way you do in order to make people flinch.  I don’t know if he was putting on an act trying to scare people, if he was mentally unbalanced or what.  To be honest, I didn’t care.  I didn’t care what his reasons were, I didn’t care that he was black.  All i cared about was that he was acting irrationally and that he might be a threat to me and my life.  He could have been white and my thought process wouldn’t have changed in the slightest.

So what did I do?

I stayed in line…and moved my hand to my gun and kept it there with my eyes on Mr. “I’m gonna try and intimidate people by acting crazy”.  Suffice it to say when he eventually noticed me, that I wasn’t going to be intimidated, and where my hand was resting, he quickly came to his senses and left the Sunoco.  The girls behind the register, also black (not that that matters) thanked me for “dealin’ with that fool” as he was making them uncomfortable too.

You see, my job isn’t to be a politically correct pansy that wilts in front of real danger out of a sense that I might be insensitive to other people.  Because being a PC pansy is a great way to end up dead.  A mind flooded with thoughts of how Black Lives Matter leads to hesitation and that hesitation can cost you your own life.

The media of course, is also complicit in this farce.  The Black Lives Matter movement is basically a terrorist organization at this point.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at this video that not only highlights how this organization really operates but also explicitly reveals the mainstream media’s part in the cover-up:

Yeah, quite the peaceful protest don’t you think?

If any of those “peaceful protesters” were standing in my way between me going home safely or being beaten to death I’ll tell you now, bodies would be piling up until I was either home safely, or had run out of bullets and my car wouldn’t move any further because too many of them were gumming up my wheel wells.

A bit harsh you say?

No.  Because as I said, My Life Matters more than theirs do.  My family would rather see me home safe than to see me on the news beaten to death…wouldn’t yours?  Why should I have to sacrifice myself for some political correct BS centered around a quasi terrorist group and propagated by a liberal media?

The answer: I don’t.

And I will not be silenced for my belief that My Life Matters.

Even if progressive cesspools like Twitter try and shut me down.  Much like they did when they suspended the account of University of Tennessee professor and USA Today columnist Glenn Reynolds when he posted this advice:


Damn right, run them down.  Or else you may find yourself in THIS position:

You can see how well begging helped this guy against a group of animals.

If it were me, I have a feeling the mob of rioters would have scattered after the first one or two hit the ground.  Bullets First is more than just a catchy name, it’s a way of life that hearkens to the notion that I will not be the subject of tyranny or oppression.

This is video evidence of oppression.  A black mob under the protection of the liberal media stomping and stripping a man who himself has done nothing wrong and has done them no wrong save for being of a different color.

And if the rolls were reversed and a group of white guys were doing this to a black guy I would hope that he too was armed and put some white guys in the ground.

Black or white it doesn’t matter, racism is racism and I will not put my life in peril because the media and liberal progressives want to try and bamboozle me into thinking that I have some privilege that makes me deserve to be beaten, robbed and murdered.

At the end of the day, I don’t care about black lives, blue lives, white lives or other.  I care about my life, the life of my family.  And I will put down like a rabid dog anyone of any color or any occupation that would try to snuff out that life.  Be it black hoodlum, white trash or crooked cop.

If everyone followed that mindset we probably would be better off.

But when we allow ourselves as a nation to be hoodwinked by terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter then we give them a pass on their atrocities and allow more value to be added to their lives than to ours.

As I said before, hesitation in the name of political correctness will get you killed.

Bullets first, because my life matters.


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