Montreal Tries Gun Control Thuggery On Pit Bull Owners – Desired Result: Genocide

There are many parallels between how cities in the US enact gun control and how Montreal (also a pro gun control city) approached what would essential be a doggy holocaust.

First let’s look at this.  The notion that guns themselves are somehow evil or turn people who touch them into blood thirsty criminals is a fantasy propagated by the liberal media in order to try and marginalize the 80 million plus gun owners who live in this country.  The media over reports on guns used in crimes but will all but gloss over or ignore the situations in which law abiding citizens used a firearm to protect themselves or someone else.  If you lived in a complete bubble and the only source of information you could get was from the liberal mainstream  media you would think that the streets ran perpetually with blood.  But anyone who knows anything realizes that that is not the case and ironically, the places that are most prone to actually have violence at them are those places that have useless policies that say “no guns allowed.”

Now let’s take a look at the Pit Bull.  First of all the name of Pit Bull is not unlike the buzzword term that gun controllers used when coining “Assault Weapon.”  Both these terms were either created or hijacked in order to instill fear into an ignorant populace.  Properly referring to the AR-15 as a Sporting Rifle doesn’t elicit the same kind of fear mongering that the gun controllers desire.  Nor does using the term American Staffordshire Terrier have moms clutching their babies tightly.  But rather than properly use the term, animal haters like to use the term Pit Bull as a catch all because the masses imagine dog fights and viciousness that occurs in a pit.

What they don’t see is that a Terrier puppy is no different than a gun.


You see, when raised properly in a loving home with people who aren’t complete scumbags, a terrier is a loving and gentle dog.  I speak from experience as a few friends of mine are terrier owners and their pups were raised right and are sweet and loving and gentle and kind.

Now, the problem of course is that a few people have done terrible things and have twisted such a loving animal into some terrible and violent.  But should Montreal murder every terrier in the city because of it?  Should they outlaw one dog simply because they are misunderstood and wrongly demonized?

Does this sound familiar?  If you are a gun owner in the States then it probably does.  Because a gun is just a tool.  A blank slate if you will just like the terrier puppy.  If you treat your gun and the power it wields with respect and with good intentions then why would a ban be necessary?

Along that thought, why would anyone think that banning guns would stop criminals from having them and using them?

That sentiment is no less true when it comes to these terriers.  The scum who raise Pit Bulls to fight for their amusement and their own financial gain have little interest in taking them for walks or to enjoy the day.  No, they are locked up in basements, run on treadmills, have their vocal cords cut so they won’t bark and are moved in secret to pits in which they fight to the death.

How is this the fault of the responsible terrier owners or the sweet soul of terrier dogs?  The answer is “it’s not” yet the city of Montreal is attempting to deal with all “Pit Bulls” with the final solution, namely to commit genocide on all terriers.

As is the case in America when states start banning guns and forcing owners to turn them over, the weapons invariable (unless stolen by officials for their own private collection) are destroyed.  Sure, the criminals keep their because, really, why would they follow the law, but the law abiding citizens have their property seized and destroyed.

The outcome is no less barbaric in Montreal where, if the ban is upheld by the courts, all dogs that fall under the vague “Pit Bull” breed with be euthanized.  All dogs in shelters would not longer be allowed to be adopted, even by people from outside Montreal and those who owned dogs inside the city would either have to move, send their dog away or have their dog seized in order to be killed.

The ban on “Pit Bulls” was supposed to take place at midnight Monday morning but was fortunately suspended by Justice Louis Gouin until he heard a court challenge from the Montreal SPCA.  This does not mean the ban and subsequent slaughter of countless innocent animals is over, just that the dogs have a stay of execution.  Hopefully Justice Gouin appreciates how senseless this whole notion of “Pit Bull” Control is and rules the ban illegal.

No doubt it would make all “Pit Bulls” and their owners happy…like this lovable guy:



I wish it was only ignorant animal haters who had an ax to grind with the terrier breed, but dog owners of other breeds are also taking sides against terriers.  Much like progressive gun owners here in the states that say they are for the 2nd Amendment because they have a shotgun but think assault weapons bans, magazine limits and gun registration are all good ideas.  Some dog owners who have a toy dog that fits in their purse or maybe a pug that snots around the house can’t imagine why anyone would want a big dog.  Or a strong dog.  Or a dog that could defend you if necessary but that in itself is not dangerous.  So since it’s not THEIR type of dog they don’t think ANYONE should have one.  For shame on them and for shame on gun owners who claim they are for the 2nd Amendment but in the same breath try and deny me the right to a sporting rifle.

Like I said, with a good owner Pit Bull Terriers and Guns are no danger to anyone…other than those who might wish to do harm against their owners that is.  And really…isn’t that as it should be?



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