Russian Diplomat Uses Jiu Jitsu To Disarm Attacker Then Kills Him With Said Weapon

In a story that must have been buried by Brazil during the Olympics comes a harrowing story of the Vice-Consul to the Russian Consulate in Rio de Janeiro.  Marcos Cesar Feres Braga is a Brazilian lawyer who holds the post of Vice-Consul for the Russians.  He is also, apparently, not one to be easily carjacked.

During the torch relay just before the opening ceremonies and right after the torch had passed by Braga’s BMW, a would be carjacker/mugger by the name of Leonardo Lopes Batista, smashed in Braga’s window and pointed his gun at him while his wife and daughter watched on.  Little did Batista realize that Braga was a master of Jiu Jitsu and quickly responded with natural instinct and a desire to protect his family and actually PULLED his attacker into the car through the window.

A struggle ensued as Braga utilized his skills in ground fighting and close quarter combat to gain possession of the revolver Batista had and used it to shoot him dead at point blank range.

The whole notion of this reminds me of the old idiom, a knife fight in a phone booth.

No doubt things turned out a little differently than Batista had expected when, according to witnesses, before smashing in Braga’s window he shouted: ‘you’ve lost, hand over your watch’.

The only one to lose was the thief who lost his life when he messed with the wrong man.  I mean, if there was ever a martial art that exemplifies this situation it is the close quarters, ground and pound, joint manipulation or Jiu Jitsu.

Batista had an accomplice with him who drove him up to the car on a motorbike.  The unnamed accomplice fled after Braga pulled Batista through the window.  I can only imagine what was going through his mind as he saw his partner in crime disappear through a window like a sci fi movie in which an alien just rips a human through a wall, window or door you don’t expect them to.

Three points I’d like to make tangential to this situation.

First, on top of not being a criminal, if you ever find yourself needing to pull your gun on someone DO NOT give them the opportunity to take it away.  Remember Coopers Rules for gun safety, especially the one that says “don’t point your gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.”  If you’re gun is out and pointing at someone do not let them close enough to take it away.  While Batista’s fate is amusing to the law abiding, it becomes a tragedy when a good citizen has their weapon used on them.

Second, Brazil has some crazy gun control laws, beyond the minimum age of being 25 to own one, the universal registration and the $1000 Brazilian it costs to get a firearm license, it is also ILLEGAL to carry a firearm outside of the home.  Riddle me this then, how exactly did  Leonardo Lopes Batista have a gun in his possession outside of his home if it was illegal to do so…?  Oh that’s right, because he’s a criminal and doesn’t give a damn about some stupid law.

Which brings me to my final point.  If, for whatever reason you cannot carry a gun, be it you live in an oppressive state like New York or New Jersey, or have to abide by some gun free zone nonsense, it is a good idea to learn some form of self defense.  While it may not help you against a mass shooter that is just opening fire indiscriminately it can be very helpful in stopping a mugging from taking place or if you are a woman something much worse.

A fellow Liberty Alliance member and all around badass by the name of Regis Giles of is not only a huntress and 2nd Amendment advocate but also a black belt in Jiu Jitsu.  If she ever finds herself without a gun or out of bullets she still as the ability to put a hurting on whoever would want to do her harm.  Just like Braga did when he got blindsided by the attempted car jacking/mugging.

One can never have too many options for their self defense.  And according to the FBI, hands and feet killed more than twice the number of people in 2014 than did all rifles combined.

Move silent, move deadly.

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