Why the Progressive Left Strives To Destroy Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is rather an amazing human being.  I’m not even talking about how he saved a man having a seizure after a recent baseball game by laying hands upon the man and saying a prayer.

Beyond his physical stature, athletic ability and metahuman like work ethic he is, at his core, a genuine and good human being.  A Godly and Christian man.

And the Progressive Left hates him for it.

You see, progressives have a rabid need to undermine and destroy Tim Tebow because if he is allowed to succeed then he has the possibility to become a role model.  A role model who doesn’t cheat, doesn’t take short cuts, doesn’t pass the buck to someone else or look to be a victim.  A person who believes in the Bible and not only believes in it but lives it.  Who is unafraid to extoll his belief’s, not to thump you over the head with them but because he cherishes his relationship with God and does not feel the need to hide it.

Few things drive the Progressive Left to foam at the mouth rage than someone who things they have the right to be, act and say who they are…if the Progressive Left doesn’t agree with it.

Tim Tebow won football games.  Doesn’t matter how he did it, he did it.  He took a going nowhere Denver Broncos at 1-4 and rattled off 7 wins to get them into the playoffs and set a playoff record with the longest winning touchdown throw in overtime.

He hasn’t really played since.  I could break down the numbers and despite how much the haters wanted to say he couldn’t play, in the season, statistically, in late games his QBR went through the roof.  Tebow was a winner and in a league where winning is everything, he couldn’t find a job.

I posit that if Tebow was a black, gay, Muslim, anti police, abortion advocate he’d still be in the NFL and probably starting somewhere.  The Progressive Left would demand it and would boycott and throw a hissy fit if he wasn’t.  I mean, Michael Sams was a small average skilled linebacker from a second tier SEC university and the NFL and the liberal press did everything they could to get him into the league.  Apparently to them being gay means you should get the EZpass into the league.  Yet, even with all the help and propping up by the Progressive Left, Sams just wasn’t good and brought nothing to the table to the team.

Tebow on the other hand wins but found nothing but ridicule in the media and disdain from the powers that be in the league.

ESPN is a big part of this too.  Bruce Jenner in drag is apparently worth their Arthur Ashe award for courage in sports over a Tough Mudder/Spartan/Crossfit competitor Noah Gallaway who competes even though he lost his arm and leg in the Iraq war  or college basketball player Lauren Hill who played with grace and courage even while she was dying of  terminal brain cancer.

Here’s the article if you want to read about it:  Bruce Jenner Makes Me Want To Vomit

Tim Tebow has to withstand the slings and arrows of people who hate him simply because he is good and kind and faithful.

The only time Tim Tebow ever kneeled was to give thanks to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Tim Tebow never kneeled in protest, to call cops pigs, to disrespect the National Anthem or the flag.

Colin Kaepernick on the other hand is the Progressive Left’s darling who, even though he can barely articulate what exactly his is kneeling for, lap it up nonetheless and can’t get enough of it.  They prop Kaepernick up so that he can be the role model.  The role model they want is someone who tears down this country, who throws values and respect away, who discards the notion of country and faith.  ESPN is the mouthpiece for the Progressive Left.  One need look no further than those ESPN champions, Michael Sams, Bruce Jenner in drag, Colin Kaepernick etc and who they seek to ridicule into silence…Tim Tebow.

Flipping through the channels today I stopped on to ESPN for a couple of minutes because I saw Tebow’s name in the queue.  I waited and unsurprisingly it was about him laying hands upon the fan suffering a seizure.  Though Tebow said a prayer while doing this the commentator omitted that and simply said Tebow said some comforting words.  No, Tebow said a prayer and the man was healed.

At the heart of the matter the Progressive Left does not believe in God and they want him stamped out wherever they find him.  That is why Tim Tebow had the target on his back.

The Progressive Left must silence all those who would champion God, not with their words per se but by their actions, their deeds, their kindness and their goodness.  If Tim Tebow is allowed to be a role model for the masses who have not been introduced to God then the Progressive Left is weakened by virtue of His word getting out.

In the end, the Progressive Left’s goal is to “kill” faith and God in America.  And as such, people like Tim Tebow must be destroyed.  The Progressive Left uses their accomplices in the media to try and mock and ridicule Tebow.  They ply social media to say that Tebow’s thoughts and feelings are outdated and foolish.  Waiting until marriage before having sex being a big one for them to jeer at.

What is most galling to the Progressive Left though, is that Tim Tebow is unafraid.  Unafraid to praise God, unafraid to stand by his convictions and unafraid to lay hands upon a man in medical distress and say a prayer KNOWING that God listens.

Tim Tebow inspires me and helps me reevaluate my relationship with God.  Tim Tebow gives ME courage to speak openly about my faith.

And THAT is why the Progressive Left wants to diminish him.

What they fail to realize is that Tim Tebow is not afraid and therefore they have no power over him.

As Tebow no doubt would say, quoting Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

Funny how much the Progressive Left fears Tim Tebow.


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