In the Third Debate Hillary Said She Supports the 2nd Amendment…Riiiiiiiiight

If you caught the final Presidential debate last night you may have heard a rather peculiar thing.  Apparently, according to Hillary Clinton, Hillary is the biggest supporter of the 2nd Amendment that you could hope for.

I nearly choked on my coffee.

The fact that Hillary thinks that she is anything resembling an ally to the 2nd Amendment is like saying that hunchback from the movie “300” was an ally to the Spartans.


And just like Ephialtes, Hillary may talk a game about supporting the right to keep and bear arms but will betray us all the first chance she gets and lead the enemy, her true allies, around to our blindside and cut the 2nd Amendment to ribbons.


Let’s just recount how her bald face lie about her support of the 2nd Amendment shall we? Though muddled with all her other lies about paying rioters to break up Trump rallies, the pay for play deals she made and the funneling of millions of dollars through the Clinton Foundations from foreign countries, the gall that she would so blatantly lie about the 2nd Amendment still rang out as especially egregious.

Hillary Clinton does NOT believe that the 2nd Amendment guarantees the INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear arms.  How do we know this?  Because after the Heller v Washington decision, the Supreme Court decision that judicially stated that the 2nd Amendment was not a collective right of militias but actually an individuals right, Hillary stated that Heller was “wrongly decided.”

Though I think the Heller decision could have gone further to strengthen the peoples right to keep and bear arms I would never say it was “wrongly decided.”

Hilllary thinks it was wrong because in her mind a population WITHOUT the ability to protect itself is exactly the kind of country she wants.  She wants this for twofold.  First, a country of sheep who cannot protect themselves from the things that go bump in the night gravitate to shepards and she wants the people to rely on the government for everything including personal protection.  Secondly, an armed populace is a free populace and can fight back against tyranny.  Hillary’s entire platform is to subjugate self determination from people and create an oligarchy in which she and her chosen few dictate how everyone in this country is to live, think and act.

That’s just the broad stroke of her disdain for the 2nd Amendment.  Here are some of the finer moments.

Last October, Hillary stated: “If Congress refuses to act to end this epidemic of Gun violence, I’ll take administrative action to do so.”

Think about that for a moment.  Her tyranny starts even BEFORE she gets our guns.  She will subvert the will of the people by doing an end around by our elected representatives in order to undermine our rights.  Two hundred and forty years ago we threw out a King in this country…I have very little interest in having a Queen back in charge.

Hillary speaks of guns as a plague and an epidemic to be stamped out and eradicated.  Gun violence from legal gun owners is almost non existent.  So passing gun control in order to take guns from law abiding citizens will only create a disarmed populace in which criminals have guns to plague the sheeple that she has created.

But according to Hillary there are apparently roving bands of toddlers killing people with guns.


Hillary Clinton also supports a ban on sporting rifles.  She wants to tie sporting rifles to terrorism and mass shootings…mass shootings I might add that have been carried out more times than not by  liberal Democrats.  How can Hillary be FOR the 2nd Amendment but also FOR banning firearms?  Another thing about sporting rifles, according to the FBI, more murders were committed by bare hands than by rifles.  More things that killed more people than sporting rifles in 2014?  Knives, clubs, hammers and feet.

Once again its because sporting rifles offer the most protection against tyranny that Hillary wants them out of the hands of the free people of America.  Some friend to the 2nd Amendment Hillary is.

Don’t believe the spin that Hillary tries to use when saying WHY she wants to ban these guns.  She envoke terrorism but she is also the same woman who refuses to call Islamic terrorism what it is.  The same woman who wants to increase the intake of Syrian refugees by 550% without any vetting process.

Hillary says that we should link the no fly list to the background check system for purchasing firearms.  The main problem with that is that there is NO oversight on that list.  No one knows how people get on it, or how they can easily get off it.  Its a bureaucratic boondoggle and innocent law abiding citizens have been stuck on it for months and have to spend thousands of dollars to try and get off it.

The IRS targeting conservative groups on Obama’s orders is a stark reminder of how easily the machine of governance can be twisted to serve the elite against the people.  Just imagine how a Hillary Administration could abuse such a system to give the end around to banning guns.

“If you are a gun owner you might be dangerous so you are now on the no fly list and since no fly no buy became the law you can no longer purchase firearms” -Future Hillary

What Hillary calls “common sense” gun control I call further infringement upon our God given rights to keep and bear arms.  For every new restriction, for every new hurdle to owning a firearm, for every new “poll tax” imposed by exercising our rights, Hillary Clinton is marching us off the cliff of freedom to the abyss of tyranny and will cackle like a madwoman when we, the people stand against her with no weapons to defend ourselves.

Hillary’s a friend to the 2nd Amendment?

With friends like her who needs enemies.


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