Anti Gun AG Kathleen Kane Finally Finds Her Fate After Being Found Guilty For Abuse of Power

Democrat, gun control advocate and former Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Kathleen Kane thought she was above it all while she jerked around the citizenry, shredding our rights and abusing her office.

Well, the joke is on her as she was finally sentenced for her laundry list of crimes.

You can get a more full bodied accounting of what actions got her exchanging what side of the prison bars she resides here:  Another Gun Grabber, PA AG Kathleen Kane, Gets Her Comeuppance

Here’s the jist of the main sentiment from the article: Kane, by all accounts was a petty, vindictive, scheming megalomaniac who would break the law in order to punish her enemies and protect her friends.

On top of playing criminal partisan games that saw back room deals that ended investigations that would later be carried out on local levels and which would eventually lead to Kane’s cronies being sent to jail or pleading out, Kane also couldn’t help but lying; to the press, to the people and to the courts which found her guilty of perjury.

The only thing that Kane seemed to do, besides be a rampant criminal while in office, was to try and dismantle the 2nd Amendment for Pennsylvanians.  I would contend that that is a crime in itself but I digress.

Kane’s main attack was via the dismantling of Pennsylvania’s CCW reciprocity agreements with other states.  Fortunately before she could destroy it fully her criminal enterprises came to light.

First she was charged, then her license to practice law was suspended and even though she wasn’t removed from office she couldn’t actually do the job she was getting paid for.  All the while she was crying and whining about how “they” were out to get her.

Well, if they were the people who believe that the Commonwealth’s Top Law Enforcement Agent should…you know…follow the law, then yeah, “THEY” were definitely gunning for her.

The fact that another one of Michael Bloomberg’s gun hating crooked cabal members is being sent to the pokey is just a the icing on the cake.

The only down part is that while Kane was facing a maximum of 12-24 years she got off relatively lightly with a sentence of 10-23 months with 8 years of probation.

Can you actually believe that she had the gall to get all weepy during sentencing and ask not to serve ANY jail time?

From the New York Times:

She broke down in tears on Monday while testifying at her sentencing hearing, pleading with the judge to consider her two teenage sons.

“Maybe I deserve everything I get; they don’t,” she said. “I am not going to ask for your mercy because I don’t care about me anymore.”

Called to testify on her behalf, her son Chris, 15, said: “My mom is like my rock. We just know that we can’t lose our mom.”

Guess what, disgraced former Attorney General Kathleen Kane?  If you cared about not abandoning your two sons maybe you shouldn’t have abused your office, lied under oath about it and then try to play the gender card by saying you shouldn’t be held accountable because men are holding you accountable.

Meh, have fun in prison.

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