Huma Abedin’s Father Wrote that the U.S. was wrong to Defend its People from Barbary Pirates in 1801-1805

Muslim’s enslaved Europeans for over a millenia. It was stopped in the 1800’s by military force.

Protection against enslavement is a good reason to be armed.

The United States first foreign war was against the Barbary Coast Pirates from 1801-1805.  Just as they had done for a thousand years, the Islamic states on the coast of North Africa knew that Allah gave them the right to attack any non-Muslim shipping and enslave any non-Muslims that they could reach. The Muslims especially prized European women as sex slaves.  They were organized and sanctioned by Muslim governments. If a non-Muslim government was willing to pay protection money, they were supposed to be safe from attack for a period.  But the protection money amount was often raised, and the “protection” was far from absolute.
The young United States Navy and its Marines were assigned by Thomas Jefferson to stop the attacks and slavery by force.  The Marines and Navy did an excellent job, punching far above their weight class.Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, confidant, and advisor.  She is a devout Muslim. Her parents are/were avid Muslims and Sharia law promoters.  Her father, Syed Zainul Abedin, earned a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.  From

The late father of Huma Abedin, the devout Muslim who’s co-chairing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, sympathized with the Barbary pirates in America’s first bout with Muslim terrorism and criticized President Thomas Jefferson for not appeasing them by paying their infidel tax.

In a 1974 dissertation for his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania, Syed Z. Abedin slammed Jefferson, one of America’s most popular founding fathers, for raising a U.S. naval force and invading Tripoli during the Barbary Wars against Islamic pirates attacking U.S. ships in the early 1800s.

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It is interesting that Huma Abedin’s father wrote about the Barbary war as if it were a “colonial” conflict.  The Barbary states were far from helpless people exploited by evil western powers.  They had been enslaving Europeans for over a millennia. The traffic in European slaves was finally stopped when France conquered Algeria in 1850. Slavery was finally outlawed in Saudi Arabia in 1962, and that was under pressure from the British government.

The Muslim slave trade has been reinvigorated by ISIS in the Middle East and Boko Haram in Africa. It has never been eradicated in the Sudan.

Islamic forces had laid waste the coast of Spain, France, and most of Southern Europe from 649 to the early 1800’s.  It was only the increasing power of the European nations, strengthened by the industrial revolution, that finally stopped the depredations.  The Europeans did so by conquering North Africa.

Syed Abedin died in 1993.  His wife, Huma’s mother, continues his work in spreading Sharia law around the world by heading and Islamic institute founded by Syed. Huma helped edit the Institutes’s journal for 13 years.

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