AMAZING who parents of degenerate armed robber blame for his death

I hardly ever point blame to a criminals bad actions solely on being raised by horrible parents.  At the end of the day a person’s choices are their own and must be held accountable to them.

But then you hear some absolutely asinine drivel coming out of the mouths of Temia Hairston and Michael Grace Sr. in recounting how their violent and theiving son Michael Jr. met his demise.

You see, it wasn’t THEIR fault that Michael Jr was armed and tried robbing a Pizza Hut he previously worked at.  It wasn’t HIS fault that he took a weapon in and tried to steal by force.

No no, it wasn’t any of their faults for Michael Jr’s death…THEY blame the hero who stopped a crime from happening and innocent people getting hurt.  They blame the guy Michael Jr. was trying to rob for shooting their son.

“Why in the hell did this guy have a gun?” -Temia Hairston

Hairston said she thinks the employee who shot her son needs to be in jail, and wants all parties involved in the situation to be honest about what happened.

Well, Ms. Hairston can start by being honest about the fact that her degenerate son brought a weapon into a Pizza Hut filled with innocent people and thought that it was a gun free zone and as such could do whatever he wanted without fear of repercussions.

For his arrogance and his criminality he is now dead.  I can honestly say that if he was NOT a criminal trying to rob a Pizza Hut he would nearly surely be alive today.  Maybe Hairston and Grace should start looking inwards in how they failed at raising their son and how their son failed himself and wound up six feet under.  Blaming the guy who stopped a crime?  Ridiculous.

Hairston would go on to say that she wanted the armed defender to use some movie make believe trick shots in order to disarm he son without killing him, taking special umbrage that her armed thieving son was shot in the head.

“This wasn’t a body shot. This was a head shot.” -Temia Hairston

Head shot?  Good.  That’s gun control I can stand behind.  When a criminal menace is armed and has the ability to shoot you dead, bullets to the body may not stop him quick enough to protect you from his return fire.  If you can get a head shot in that will usually be, as my old seargeant would say, a DRT shot…”dead right there.”

Maybe Hairston and Grace Sr would have had a point if Michael Jr was unarmed trying to commit a robbery but he wasn’t.  He was armed and had the ability to KILL in commission of a crime.  We cannot blame the person who saved his own life and those others in the Pizza Hut for doing so.

The employee is currently on a leave of absence from Pizza Hut (hopefully paid) while they conduct an investigation.  I hope they do the right thing and not fire him simply for having a gun that saved lives.

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