One Week Since Trump Won…And With Him America

It’s been 1 full week since America shocked the world and elected the longest of longshots this side of a third party candidate to the highest office in the land.  Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States of America.

A lot has happened in the past week.  I spent a good portion of that time as a facebook assassin killing liberal pity parties/Trump basing session with facts and evidence that silenced all but the most irrational foaming at the mouth progressives.

Oh, it’s white America’s fault and all their privilidge that got Trump elected?  Hmmm, that’s odd, you know with 30% of Hispanics, 30% of Asians and the largest percentage of blacks voting for a Republican since 1960.  But yeah, you keep crying over your granola about it being white peoples fault.

What’s that…Trump’s a racist?  While I grant that he refuses the politicians siren call of political correctness how exactly is he a racist?  I mean, Jesse Jackson likes him just fine.  Or at least he did before Trump became a Republican.  I mean, Trump was invited twice to Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition conferences in which Jackson himself praised Trump for a lifetime of committment to minorities and underserved communities.

1999: Jesse Jackson Praises Trump’s Commitment To Minorities, ‘Under-Served Communities’ [VIDEO]

Trump mocks the disabled?  Now you are just regurgitating every liberal hacks talking point.  Let’s just go to the tape.

And so on and so forth.  You drop some of these knowledge bombs on facebook and conversations tend to end rather quickly.  I mean, as I said before, only the mouth drooling rabid progressive who views the truth like a monster views fire will have the shameless gall to still spout nonsense on these issues.  They are also most likely burning the American flag, committing property damage and refusing to accept the results of a fair, democratically run election.

Yeah, progressives are a bunch of bed wetting, unAmerican sore losers.

But I digress.

After a week of letting President-Elect Trump get moving I am even more excited about the future.

First and foremost we have preserved the 2nd Amendment in the United States for a generation at least.  With the Supreme Court on a razors edge the enumeration of our right to keep and bear arms would have been scratched off the books had Hillary “Heller got it wrong” Clinton was able to nominate one Supreme Court justice, let alone the 3 or 4 the next president most likely will have the opportunity to nominate.

Beyond that, with a Republican controlled Congress and Donald Trump as President, universal reciprocity for gun owners finally has the ability to pass barring a filibuster in the Senate. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, “universal reciprocity” or “National reciprocity” is a proposed law that would require all states in the Union to recognize the carry permit of all the other states.  Currently, a state has to hash out agreements with all the other states in order to achieve a reciprocity agreement.  Some states like New York do not recognize any other states permits and as such infringe upon the rights of any visitor or tourist who enters the Empire State.  Universal reciprocity would mean that your carry permit would act just like your drivers license and be good wherever you travel.  And seeing how your right to keep and bear arms is actually a right and driving isn’t, it makes sense that carrying would at least be no less recognized than driving.

Universal carry bills have been introduced over the past 8 years but with gun hating Obama at the helm and no hope of overriding his veto the chances of it passing were nil.  Now with Trump in charge the chances look all but certain save one final hurdle.  The Senate filibuster.  The filibuster being the procedural move by the minor party to halt bills they especially don’t like unless there is a 60 Senator vote to stop the move and force a vote.

But I’m not worried.

Why am I not worried about the Senate filibuster?  First, the filibuster is only as good as long as the person who calls for it can stand and speak on the floor of Congress.  The longest ever was by Senator Strom Thurmond and lasted 24 hours and 18 minutes.  After the person who calls the filibuster can no longer continue the vote takes place nonetheless.

I don’t think it will even come to that and here is why, in the 2018 midterm elections, of the 33 seats up for grab in the Senate 23 of them are Democrats and 2 are left independents who caucus with the Dems.  And these aren’t all from New York, California and other gun hating states.

Take a look at just some Democrat occupied Senate seats and tell me how quick they will be to try and impede any pro gun initiative in the next two years.

Florida, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia

These are not hot beds for gun control, some of them are Constitutional Carry states all ready, do you think they will tolerate their federal representatives in the Senate to try and deny their 2nd Amendment rights during an election year?  Me neither.

Depending on when the Supreme Court appointments go through, I don’t think it is beyond the pale to envision a Universal Constitutional Carry bill to come into law and then being affirmed by the Court rather quickly.  Such a bill would remove the need for any permit in order to exercise the right to keep and bear arms.  Its not like criminals are obeying the law and the permit system just adds a tax to law abiding citizens who want to exercise their rights.  Over 20% of the country all ready has a permit-less carry law and a federal one would make even the most oppressive state regimes like New York fall into line and respect the rights of its people.

I think Trump will be good for America for a number of reasons, but when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, I truly believe that the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton has all but saved it from extinction.  Or rather, saved patriots from having to literally fight for the right.

And for that, this past week has been spent in the warm glow of triumph over those who would seem dominion over the free.

And for all the gun haters, gun grabbers and gun controllers out there who want to bury their heads in the sand and refuse to think Trump has the ability to enact all these Pro Second Amendment issues I give you this little montage of how stupid people look when they doubt the next President of the United States:

Trump saved America simply by winning…how cool is that?

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