Puerile Residents of Westchester County Try To Shun A Gun Shop Into Closing

With the rennassaince of gun rights in America, the ever growing number of Constitutional Carry States, the Supreme Court decisions snuffing the wind out of gun controllers most ridiculous arguments and the boom of gun sales and permits granted, one may forget that their are still a few bastions of gun control madness in the country.  One of those places is New York state.  With it’s corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo and his dead of night ramrod approach shoving the SAFE Act down peoples throats it is of little surprise that a gun shop in Westchester county on the North border of New York City would have a collective grasping of pearl reaction to a gun shop opening there.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a universal thing in the Democrat stronghold as Westchester has twice elected current County Executive, Republican and gun champion Rob Astorino who fought and won to bring gun shows back to the county after a long ban.

But like every place there are those who just want to cry and stamp their feet that something they don’t like, though perfectly legal is popping up near them.

In this case, Louis Zacchio decided to open up a gun shop in the downtown shopping district of Harrison, NY.

L&L Sports is located on the main drag of Harrison at 258 Halstead Ave.  I bring that up in case any readers in the area would like to swing by and support a new businessman in the gun industry.  Because frankly, to use his Zacchio’s word the “uprising” against him is pretty ridiculous and he could use the support.

Petitions have been signed, town hall meetings have been held, Sandy Hook has been envoked….and…and….WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!?!?

No seriously that’s basically what one women said, Nicole Marciano, a teacher from the school district uttered this to a panel of local officials:

“I think you should consider how these children are feeling when they have to hide in a closet during a lockdown drill.  A gun store here is absolutely absurd.” 

Sigh, but isn’t your school a gun free zone Ms. Marciano?  Therefore they shouldn’t have to worry about guns in schools.  Hmmm…so why are you having lockdown drills to begin with, I mean, its a GUN FREE ZONE.  Isn’t that enough to stop bad guys?

What is absurd is that a Gun Free School Zone exists.  I’ll tell you where Gun Free School Zones don’t exist, wherever the Obama girls go to school.

But I digress.  Do you see what people like Marciano are trying to do?  They are trying to corrolate guns with bad people.  Guns with lockdown drills.  Guns with fear.  By continuing to profess this bigoted view towards gun owners Marciano would brainwash children from a young age to have a pavlovian response of fear and mental breakdown at the very thought of a gun.  It’s the long game that progressive gun grabbers have been playing for decades.

How about instead of making guns into boogeymen, we teach gun safety in schools and take away the fear and mysticism of firearms.  How about we actually do some teaching and let children know that a firearm is just a tool and sometimes bad people use them but that their are 100 MILLION good people who own guns in America.

Unfortunately, New York has among the lowest ownership of firearms in the nation.  Yet that didn’t stop a shooting at Crossgates Mall in Albany a week ago.  I happened to be in the area at the time and because I can’t bring my legally owned guns from Pennsylvania into New York had I been in the mall I would have been as helpless as everyone else.  Congratulations, gun control works again to make innocent people into easier targets.

Let’s get back to Mr. Zacchio and L&L Sports.  Zacchio followed the rules, did everything right and his business is legal.  That doesn’t stop the callow of Westchester to try and shame him into closing.

At the town hall meeting the bigots came out in full force trying every end around to stop Mr. Zacchio from keeping his business.

Even after the town attorney, Frank P Allegretti, explained that the town had little control over banning the business since it was not against the law and to try and to otherwise could get the town sued.  Allegretti stated:

“This gentleman has the right, as anyone else does, to open a store there. There are constitutional rights, Second Amendment rights.”

This is were it goes off the tracks.  One resident at the town hall meeting demanded that the town risk the lawsuit and just ban the store out of hand.

Another, business owner Michelle Geller, suggested the townsfolk get their torches and pitchforks out and try to run Zacchio out of town.  Ok, maybe she suggested a referendum to have the townsfolk vote the business out but in the modern age that is pretty much the equivalent.

Then you have Clinton water carrier and Congressional Rep for the District Nita Lowey releasing a statement:

“I hope local officials will exhaust every potential option to stop its operation.’’

This is the same congressional district that the Clinton family lives in by the way.

Then you have the hoplophobes who are so scared of the notion of a firearm that, not only do they want the shop out of Harrison, they want it out of Westchester County.  Maurio Sax, a retired teacher who lives in Rye, NY but has occassion to come to Harrison, reminded me of the South Park character Mr. Garrison when he babbled:

“It doesn’t belong here, or even in Westchester, because of all the violence that has been going on in the country.”

Violence is bad mmmkay.

Fortunately for humanity it doesn’t seem like the majority of residents feel like their tantrum throwing neighbors.

Sandra Brussels, a volunteer firefighter in town said, “It’s a legitimate business, and as long as he follows all of the rules and regulations, then why not?’’

The editor of New York Outdoor News, Steve Piatt, brought some sanity into the discussion to counter the critics hysteria:

“By and large the general public doesn’t have to worry about the individual who goes into that store to buy a gun.  Historically, the statistics show the great majority of crimes are committed with firearms that are not legally purchased. To become a federal firearms dealer, you have to pass some pretty significant checks yourself to own a gun shop.”

As for Mr. Zacchio, the critics have left him alone.  Rather than educating themselves on what he is doing and the workings of his gun shop, its precautions and safety checks, they have instead decided to shun such knowledge and try and bully local officials into undermining his rights.

Zacchio is taking it in stride though.  The store had a soft opening on Nov. 1st but is waiting for more supplies and ammunition before having a full grand opening.  As to concerns about safety Zacchio had this to say:

“No matter when a firearm leaves my store, it leaves with a gun lock.  If you bring a firearm here for me to repair or sell, it has to be in a case and unloaded.”

What about the reaction that he has been facing personally?

“I would expect phone calls and an outcry if was trying to open a Romantic Depot or strip club.  It’s not like I’m selling guns from a truck.”

“The only phone calls I received are from people showing support.  No one has called to ask questions. I figured I would at least get the ‘Hey, go to hell’ call. One woman came in to ask questions about the procedures for buying guns, but that was it.”

Once again, 3300 people signed that petition and a town hall meeting took place of people griping about the shop but at most, ONE person (maybe) actually took the time to ask any questions of Louis Zacchio.  Gun controllers revel in their ignorance like few others.  Though I guess it makes sense because actual knowledge would decimate their blind followers.  Seeing the truth of how ridiculous gun control is tends to do that.

As for Mr. Zacchio and L&L Sports I wish them all the best and if you are in the neighborhood I encourage you to swing by and see what kind of deals they have.  Tell him Bullets First sent ya.

Once again that address:

L&L Sports
261 Halstead Ave
Harrison, NY 10528
914 835-4145


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