General Petraeus? More like General Betray-us. Anti Gunner Considered For Trumps Cabinet

Mitt Romney is not some huge champion of the 2nd Amendment but at least he’s no David Petraeus.

My issue with Petraeus has nothing to do with his Hillary-lite misuse of classified documents he gave to his harlot so she could write a biography about him.  Though why she needed classified information that couldn’t be in the book to begin with is a bit of a head scratcher.

No, my issue with Petraeus is that he is as VOCALLY anti-gun as Romney was anti-Trump.

The only reason that that fact has gone under the radar is that Petraeus spent most of professional life in jobs that focused outward from the United States.  Be it in the military as a General running a war or as the director of the CIA playing cloak and dagger with foreign powers.

And yes, the Secretary of State is the President’s Ambassador to the World so its not like he would have much of a say on domestic affairs…BUT he would be representing this country and I have a serious concern having yet another anti-2nd Amendment gun grabber being the face of our diplomatic wing of government.

Where is this all coming from?

General Petraeus has teamed up with Mark Kelly and his radical anti gun wife Gabrielle Giffords to co-found the “Veterans Coalition for Common Sense.”  Namely an organization that tries to use this country’s love and respect for its veterans to shred and disregard the Bill of Rights that those same veterans sacrificed so much for in order to defend.

As I said, while the Secretary of State has little to do with domestic affairs directly their influence can be felt nonetheless.

Chairman of Gun Owners of America Tim Macy explains in a letter:

As Secretary of State, Petraeus would play a key role in deciding whether to remove the U.S. from the UN Arms Trade Treaty (UN ATT). This agreement would mandate gun registration, and would authorize comprehensive gun bans — all goals supported by Petraeus’ colleagues Kelly and Giffords.

Petraeus would effectively decide whether to push for ratification of the anti-gun UN Small Arms Treaty.

Finally, Petraeus would have jurisdiction over the international trade (ITAR) regulations. Under Clinton/Kerry “guidance,” these regulations have been expanded to outlaw gunsmithing. In addition, a gun technician who communicates “how-to” information about guns on the Internet (without purchasing a $2,250 State Department license) could be prosecuted and imprisoned.

You can read GOA’s comments against these anti-gun State Department regulations here.

So far Donald Trump has been saying all the right things when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and his defense of both the right to keep and bear arms as well as nominating Supreme Court justices to do the same is very encouraging.  But to start his administration by appointing a known and active gun controller with ties to radical zealots like Gabrielle Gifford is troubling.

Hopefully the Secretary of State will be someone who both appreciates and accepts the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights for what it is and what it represents.  It’s a shame that a 4 star General would be so willing to betray the oath that he swore by shacking up with the likes of Gifford in order to oppress the people of the United States.

Here’s to hoping that, unlike the past 8 years with a White House and Administration full of people who have nothing but contempt and disdain for both the citizens of this land and the Constitution on which it was founded, the new administration will be full of people who want to make America great again #MAGA and not see us bow to the whims of a globalist cabal.

America, so long as we are armed we are free.

“…behind every blade of grass.”


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