Levi Strauss Is Rolling Over In His Grave At The Radical Left Wing Turn His Company Has Made

We’re going to start with a little history lesson about Levi’s.  Levi’s is not a catchy brand name that someone just came up with one day.  It is actually the name of not only the founder of the company but the co-inventor (along with Jacob Davis) of jeans, Levi Strauss.

Davis created the first prototype for what would be recognized today as jeans when a woman came to his clothing shop and asked for a rugged pair of pants for her woodcutter husband.  Davis took Duck Cloth to make the pants and used rivets to sure up the weak points.  Partnering with Levi Strauss in the rugged frontier of gold rush California in the 1870’s the product took off and the rest they say is history.

Blue jeans were created for rugged men, living in rugged places, facing rugged adversity.  There were no hipster skinny jean wearing macciato drinking panty waists at the time who paid 2 bills for a trendy pair of pre ripped jeans.

The customers who Levi Strauss built his empire on were gold miners, lumberjacks, frontiersfolk and the like who knew to keep their powder dry and that a firearm was often the difference between life and death.  Forgive the pun, but American exceptionalism, of which the right to keep and bear arms is practically woven into the very fabric of Levi Strauss’s company.

Or at least it was.

Then along came Chip Bergh.  Chip is the current CEO of Levi Strauss and Chip here hates guns and doesn’t think that you should have them.  And certainly you should not be bringing them into Levi stores.  Because, you know…guns are scary.

Chip, with his head shoved firmly up his arse while denigrating America in his Ivory tower had this to say in an interview with Fortune Magazine:

“You don’t need a gun to try on a pair of jeans.”

We’re going to take a second and dissect that statement.  Firstly, it is the usual prattle that gun haters like to spew out.  It’s so ignorant of a statement that I feel foolish for even having to address it but I must.  Well, Chip, by your logic I guess you don’t think a person needs a gun in a movie theater in Colorado, or on Ohio State’s campus, or at a club in Orlando or at work in San Bernardino etc etc.  This tripe that gun haters spew out has all the logical sense of saying “you don’t need to wear your seatbelt, are you driving in order to crash?”

You need a gun because you never know WHEN something bad might befall you.  Just like you never know when you might get into a car crash, when some drunk a-hole pops the median and hits you head on.

Secondly, even if this argument were to work at places like Starbucks (which it doesn’t) it sure as hell doesn’t work for buying jeans at a Levi Strauss store.  Why?  Because I need to know how my gun fits on a new pair of pants.  For concealed carriers who rock a holster inside the waist band it is pretty dang important to have your firearm on you when trying on pants because that alters the way they fit and how they wear.  Even for open carriers or outside the waistband people like myself, you need to know that the belt loops line up, that a rivet or some other part of the pants don’t scratch the gun etc.

So no Chip, for both the obvious and the practical reasons you DO need a gun to try on a pair of jeans.

Chip goes on to blather about gun violence and how it took place in gun free zones…therefore to stop gun violence in his stores he will make them gun free zones.

You didn’t read that wrong. #liberallogic

Here’s what Chip had to say on the attacks overseas and in Orlando:

“With stores in Paris, Nice and Orlando, and the company’s European headquarters in Brussels, I’ve thought more about safety in the past year than in the previous three decades of my career because of how ‘close to home’ so many incidents with guns have come to impacting people working for this company.”

Yes, because some of the most gun control friendly places on the planet (Paris, Nice, France in general) have gun violence you advocate for MORE gun control.  Once again proving my old adage that gun control is the only thing that points to its own abject failure as reason to institute more of it.

Will I call for a boycott of Levi Strauss stores and their jeans?

No.  But I rarely go anywhere willingly that would have me become an easy target to be murdered so I have zero intentions of stepping foot into that criminal empowerment zone that Chip just carved out in his store.  And since I have no interest in seeing innocent people hurt I will also not help people like Chip who put people in harms way by ever purchasing Levi Strauss jeans again.

I would recommend others to do the same.  Do not be complicit in your own murder.  Avoid Levi Strauss.


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