Is Rex Tillerson A Stalking Horse for Another Secretary of State Pick?

Exxonmobil Tycoon Rex Tillerson has been tapped by President Elect Donald Trump to be the nations next Secretary of State.  I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a huge fan of the choice.  I mean, I have pretty much LOVED everyone else he has selected so far and Tillerson is not Romney so that’s something but really…Rex Tillerson?

I don’t question that he is a jet setter who has had dealings with nations, concerning oil interests, all over the world to include Russia, the Middle East and South America but does that really make him a good choice.  President Elect Trump says that Tillerson knows the players.  Is that all it takes?  I mean, Hillary Clinton knows the players too, does that mean SHE’D be a good Secretary of State again?  She was garbage the first time and I don’t see her doing any better.

If the main selling point on Tillerson is that he has done business with the “major players” of the world then that would be like saying the CEO of Halliburton would be a good Secretary of Defense.

Like I said, not a fan of this choice.  Donald Trump has surprised everyone so far so maybe he is seeing something 4th dimensionally that I, and most of America is not.

Or maybe he is just crazy like a fox.

Do you remember Harriet Miers?

Back in 2005 when Sandra Day O’Connor stepped down from the Supreme Court, President George W. Bush had the chance to sure up a conservative slot on the court for decades to come after all ready nominating John Roberts for Chief Justice after Justice Rehnquist died.  His choice was to get sexagenarian Harriet Miers and nominate her.

Democrats of course opposed her because she was a woman and outside of a conservative nominee being black, the progressive left HATE conservative women.  In case you are too young for this, during the 1990’s the first President Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to be a Supreme Court Justice and the Democrats in the Senate lit up their torches and put on their white hoods and tried to run that uppity black Thomas out of DC.  In Thomas’ own words:

Racism and misogyny run deep in the cold hearts of progressive liberals and it shows up most often when trying to keep minorities in their place or to reinforce the glass ceiling on conservative women.

Miers was also criticized by the Republicans in the Senate but for completely different reasons.  The main reason being that a Supreme Court Justice served for life and if you are going to nominate someone you want them to be there for a LONG time.  Miers, in her sixties was not the ideal when you had good strong conservatives in their 40’s who could theoretcially serve for decades longer than she.

So was George W. Bush just oblivious to all of this, or rather did he have his enemies fire their shots too early and at the wrong target?  I don’t think people give ol W enough credit.

Because instead of getting an old white women that the Democrats wouldn’t have to worry about for very long, they got younger and more conservative Samuel Alito.  And for Democrats, you can only cry wolf so many times when it comes to Supreme Court Justices.  A filibuster lacked the votes and Samuel Alito became a Supreme Court Justice with a Senate vote of 58-42.  Had Alito been nominated BEFORE Miers, the outcome may have been much different with the Democrats not going to the well all ready.

So what does all this have to do with Rex Tillerson?

I think former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton should be Secretary of State.  According to the sources that have come out with Tillerson getting the nod for the position have also stated that Bolton would be the Deputy Sec. of State.

Bolton is a divisive figure when it comes to DC.  Much like Trump he is brash and a straight talker and doesn’t play the DC Insider’s game.  So politicians, especially Democrats don’t like him.  If he were to be nominated for the Sec. of State position he might have a tough time of it with endless filibusters from the Democrats and the notion by those Dems that they need to critizie SOMEONE in the cabinet because its going to be hard to try and demonize War Hero Generals.

Even Congressional Republicans might want to try and send a message to Trump and give him a hard time on a nominee.  And if they did it would be this one.

So what if, Rex Tillerson gets nominated but it’s John Bolton who Trump really wants to be Secretary of State.  Dem’s launch their entire salvo at Tillerson, “unqualified”, “too friendly with foreign leaders”, “no experience” etc. to the point that the public is begins to tire of hearing about any of it.  Tillerson withdraws from consideration while Trump “reluctantly” accepts his decision and who steps up to be nominated?  Why, uber qualified and distinguished former UN Ambassador John Bolton.

Democrats are now flat footed.  They shot down Tillerson for being wrong for the post yet now are face with someone who has the resume built for Secretary of State.  The public has all ready tired of drawn out political nominations and the Democrat Senators, especially many of the vulnerable of the 25 that are up for reelection next year want to avoid appearing too partisan.

Bingo bango, John Bolton is confirmed as the next Secretary of State.

As I said, this is just a theory.  Perhaps me hoping a little too because I personally believe that Bolton is a better choice than Tillerson.

With that being said, we shall see what we shall see.  But remember come nominating season if this plays out where you heard it first.

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