Joy Villa: A Not So Subtle Act of Courage At The Grammys

To say the Grammys is a festering cesspool of venomous progressives and intolerant liberals would be an understatement.  To bring light to the fact that it turned out to be a giant circle jerk to bash Trump and all things American is not really going to shock anyone either as it has been nothing but a love fest for the likes of Obama and Hillary for years.

What is surprising is when a bi-racial, vegan feminist has the courage to stand by her own convictions and not only proudly, but defiantly state her beliefs in an unmistakable act of rebellion against the music industry’s tyranny.

I speak of course of Joy Villa.

Before I go on any further, do not get me wrong, I have no intention of equating Joy Villa to charging a machine gun nest in combat, or jumping on a grenade or anything type of courage that might usually spring to mind when it comes to the word.

What I will compare her to is the quiet dignity of courage that people have shown before her.  The Rosa Parks who will not move to the back of the bus.  The Jackie Robinsons who had to face being an outcast amongst his coworkers, who said to him what many have been saying about Ms. Villa since the Grammys.  The Martin Luther King Jrs of the world who preached love and tolerance but actually meant it for ALL people, not just those who agree with you.  Hearing the backlash against Ms. Villa, one can see that the intolerant left was more than happy to have her speak her mind so long as she agreed with them.

I suppose I am burying the lead though.  What did Joy Villa do at the Grammys that gained my instant respect and is a testament to courage by walking into a room full of enemies unafraid?

She wore the hell out of this dress:

joy villa trump dress

Not only that, she went full NINJA on the reveal, coming in with a white number over top it and had the big reveal shocking to everyone on the red carpet:

joy villa grammy reveal

Boom goes the dynamite.

Not only did the front of her patriotic dress read MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, but on the train, in order to ensure no one would mistake her intention, the name of the person she thinks can make this happen was emblazoned as well.  Just in case anyone at the Grammys didn’t pick up what she was laying down.

joy villa trump grammy

The Grammys weren’t even finished before the “tolerant” left was calling for Ms. Villa to be killed.

On top of that there were the general mean spirited, ugly tweets from those who called Ms Villa a sellout, an Uncle Tom, a traitor etc.  I’m sure you can find the more profanity laced tweets and online comments if you look but I’m not going to put them on here.

I will put this tweet up from TV guide, along with my reply because honestly…I didn’t even think TV Guide was still in business:

The reason I put this one up is because there are two types of intolerant leftists, those who will attack and disparage those who do not march lock step with the progressive agenda (like those who wish her dead or that she should be thrown in an interment camp) to those leftists who can’t even wrap their minds around the notion that someone in the entertainment industry wouldn’t agree with the hive-mind.

And to add insult to injury for the intolerant left…which, lets be honest I LOVE to do…the dress in question?  Made by a legal immigrant from the Philippines who is Pro Trump.

Andre Soriano is the designer of the dress that Joy Villa stunned crowds with at the 59th Grammys.  Soriano came to the US legally when he was 16 years old with dreams of becoming a great designer.  He entered the country the right way, followed the laws, worked hard and guess what, he achieved his dream.

His self titled clothing line Andre Soriano is based out of California and he too is one of those people on the Left Coast who has the courage to stand up for himself and declare what he believes even when it goes against the groupthink progressive zeitgeist.

Here are Soriano’s opinions about the dress that he, as a huge Trump supporter, was very excited about making:

“We only have one President and that is President Trump. It’s NOT Hillary.”

He even stole my line when he said this:

“Just like Rosa Parks, we are going to stand up for our rights as Americans,”

“the dress was designed in love, it is all about love.”

I have been hearing a lot of interesting things over the past couple of months.  That Conservatism is the new punk rock.  The new counter culture.  And even as a Libertarian I can actually see the validity of that notion.

The intolerant left and the progressive oligarchy has become so entrenched and unbending and oppressive that those like Joy Villa and Andre Soriano are the vanguard to the new counter culture of conservatism.  It’s cool to support Trump.  It’s hip to be a conservative.  It’s edgy to want to Make America Great Again.  It’s rebellious to be a woman and believe in the right to life.

And to wear it at the Grammys?  Talk about a statement.

Fun fact, those born after 2000 (Generation Z)  are on pace to be the most socially conservative generation since WW2.  The counter culture war begins and the Progressives have no way to stop it.

With that being said, I looked into Joy Villa’s music because to be honest, while I appreciate her dress of choice and the courage it took to wear it where she did, I’m not going to go out and buy her music just because of it.

Color me delightfully pleased when I found out that she is really good.

Two songs really resonated with me are Vagabond and Get Your Freedom.

Vagabonds is a rather simple song but song with a soulful passion that resonates with anyone who has known wanderlust in their days.

Get Your Freedom is a song that makes you realize that Joy Villa is not someone who is going to let others think for her.  While I would never call it an anthem it is a declaration of not being placed in a box, in doing what you find right because it is right and having the strength to break away from the haters.  Here are some of the lyrics:

I’m a brand new girl

and i know my rights

I made a new home

Warm and secure

Created in myself

a new future

Rocking through the crowd

Cause now I know

I’ve been pulled up strong

I’m bright and I’m bold

This is my life

a fresh ability

Iv’e got second chance

and more to see

Get your freedom

take it by the hand and don’t let it go

Get your freedom

If you don’t take this chance

then you’ll never know

And now we have our chance to actually make America great again.

Joy Villa is more than just a girl in a dress.  She is a talent and worthy of the bump in album sales that she is getting.  A humble bump of 54,000,000% in the past 24 hours.  I don’t begrudge her the windfall either though some on the left who suffer from Trump-Induced Derangement Syndrome  are trying to diminish her by saying it was all a Grammy stunt.  Had she had anyone other than a huge Pro Trump designer make the dress I might say maybe.  Had she tried to walk back any of it I might have said mayhaps.  But she hasn’t.  This wasn’t a stunt, it was a declaration.

And she followed up that declaration, not by trying to walk it back but by doubling down and proudly saying:

Go big, or go home. You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don’t. Above all make a choice

Like I said earlier, courage comes in many forms and I admire Ms. Villa for her courageous choice of outfit at the Grammys.  I know there are many more in the entertainment industry who feel as she does but do not want to damage their careers by coming out.  Perhaps Joy Villa is the Rosa Parks of her era and we will see more and more Trump supporters in the entertainment industry refuse to sit at the back of the bus.

I hope that Joy Villas career skyrockets and she is awarded a Grammy one day.  Though I doubt a lot more acts of courage will be needed before the powers that be allow an open Trump supporter win their award.  We shall see.

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