Media SKEWS Repeal of Gun Ban To Fit Their Agenda

So I don’t have to tell you that the mainstream media is full of it and that they will obfuscate, skew and mislead in order to further their agenda.  An agenda that seems to go lock step with the likes of George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Barack Obama.

What I will tell you is how it recently and disingenuously tried to mislead people into believing that Obama’s Social Security Gun Ban was about the mentally ill and how it was actually a good thing to deprive millions of senior citizens their right to keep and bear arms.

You see, back in January of 2016, Obama once again used tragedy to further his own agenda.   The Social Security Gun Ban was a flailing PR stunt following a terrorist shooting in which an ISIS Islamic militant shot up a gun-free community center in the gun-hating state of California.

Obama, never letting a tragedy get in the way of his agenda decided that exporting California’s failed gun control policy to the rest of the country was a good idea.  So what was this “great” idea to keep people from being shot to death by radical Islamic terrorists?

I’ll tell you what it wasn’t, it wasn’t stopping illegal immigration, or unvetted refugees from terrorist countries.

No no, it was to empower regular, non-elected, non-qualified, everyday bureaucrats to summarily impose gun bans on law-abiding Americans when those Americans apply for benefits.

In an open letter from Gun Owners of America, Larry Pratt puts it plainly:

Conditions as benign as “anxiety” could be used to strip Americans of their constitutional rights with no due process whatsoever. People receiving benefit payments through a guardian would also lose their guns.

True, the victims would theoretically have the “right” to spend $10,000+ to hire lawyers and medical experts necessary to reverse the summary judgment of an untrained bureaucrat.

So, if you are old or disabled or maybe strangers make you nervous and you want to talk to someone about it, thanks to Obama you lose your fundamental God given right with no actually due process.  In Obama’s eyes you are GUILTY until proven innocent.  This is some “Minority Report” stuff right here.

Yet when the Republicans (and a couple of Democrats) in Congress repealed this un-American gun grab the media outlets ran articles with ridiculous titles such as:

From the Associated Press:

“Breaking: House votes to roll back Obama rule on background checks for gun ownership.”

The Hill:

“House strikes down Obama-era regulation that blocked gun sales to mentally ill.”


“House votes to repeal Obama-era regulation concerning the sale of guns to people with severe mental illnesses.”

NPR Politics:

“House Votes To Overturn Obama Rule Restricting Gun Sales To Mentally Ill.”

It’s like the AP isn’t even TRYING to stretch facts but rather decides to just make up their own.

The other three aren’t any better because even though this was sold by Obama as some stop measure for the mentally ill to get guns…and i’m not sure how that is supposed to stop radical Islamic terrorists from going on mass shootings…in reality all that the Social Security Gun Ban did was target law abiding citizens who were senior citizens, veterans, the poor and anyone who was on benefits for a disability in order to strip them of their guns and make it cost prohibitive for them to get their weapons back.

Once again, gun control is shown as the scam it is and what it really intends to do.  To exert CONTROL, not on guns but on people.

You would think that the mainstream media would be all over this abuse of power against senior citizens and the poor.  I KNOW for a fact that if Donald Trump had done something like this they would be calling for his head and those titles from before would have been written VERY differently.

The point is that there is a reason that the mainstream media is no longer trusted by a majority of Americans.  We have just seen their hypocrisy, their biases and their outright falsehoods for so long that we have finally had enough.

This is just another example…one of far too many.

And what the mainstream media hates even more is that when Trump puts his signature on this it will be yet ANOTHER campaign promise that he is coming through on.  A politician who actually does what he said he was going to do is outrageous enough.  But when he is not a Democrat the mainstream media goes on full meltdown.

I say grab some popcorn and watch the fireworks.


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