Let the Lead Bullets Fly

In one of the myriad of ways that President Barack Hussein Obama tried to limit the liberty and freedoms of the citizens of the United States was by banning lead ammunition.  You see, banning guns was never going to pass the Congress so Obama had to find ways to bypass congress and one of them was to initiate a ban on lead ammunition flaunting a bogus environmental study on the harms of ammunition.

You may not have heard about the ban on lead ammunition because the cowardly bastard who is Obama signed the order LITERALLY on the last day of his tenure as President.

Dan Ashe, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, issued the decree on January 19th, his final full day in office. It makes lead illegal on national parks, wildlife refuges and any other land administered by the service. Unaltered, the ban will have a major impact on hunting public land, since most ammunition is lead-based.

In effect it basically outlaws hunting on federal land.  Federal land, thanks to Obama, that got a LOT bigger in his final month in office as he went on a designation spree designating acre after acre of land as federal protected property.

Now, sure, you could still hunt on federal property using platinum bullets or something other than lead but the cost would be great and this is just another example of how Obama really hated not only guns, but hunters and to a larger part America.

If he REALLY wanted to protect the environment and thought that this was a good way to go about doing it he would have done so LONG before his final day in office.  No, this was a big F-YOU to American gun owners, outdoorsmen and hunters.

After 8 years of anti American audacity it still boggles the mind about how that twisted globalist loved to stick it to America.  This photo may help you see it in a clearer light:

obama against US


With that being said, it is with a happy heart and glad tidings that I can report that the Trump administration wasted little time to rescind this ridiculous order.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke signed a Secretarial Order on Thursday repealing the lead ammunition ban issued the day before Barack Obama left office.

Zinke rectified on his first day what Obama spat out on his last.  There is a symmetry to it that I like.

This isn’t even the first anti gun repeal of the Trump administration.  On February 28th, Trump repealed the Social Security Ban that Obama instituted that would have denied 2nd Amendment rights to Senior Citizens and the disabled who are on assistance.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Trump winning the election and beating Hillary Clinton has probably saved the 2nd Amendment more than any other election in history.

Not only would Hillary be doubling down on Obama’s anti gun orders but she would be the one nominating a Supreme Court justice to replace Antonin Scalia and you can only imagine what kind of knuckle dragging anti gun mouth breather she would want to foist onto a liberal Supreme Court.

So as the title indicates, let those lead bullets fly my friends, Obama’s anti gun crusade is on the wan and liberty waxes again.


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