JUSTICE: 3 Dead and 1 Arrested as Burglars Chose Wrong House to Try and Victimize

As three masked would be home invaders learned Monday afternoon, not only does crime not pay, it sometimes costs and in this instance it cost them their lives.  That’s because when the three masked assailants broke into a Broken Arrow home in Wagoneer County Oklahoma (love the location names the midwest has) they came face to face with justice in the form of the 23 year old son of the homeowner.

They also came face to face with his AR-15.

The three suspects, aged 16, 17 and 18, came prepared for violence and had malice and thievery on their minds as they were masked, wore gloves and carried knives and brass knuckles.  Deputy Nick Mahoney confirms that the preliminary investigation shows that the three suspects went to the residence with the intent to burglarize the home.

Mahoney says the suspects broke in through a glass door in the back of the house.  Shortly after entering, the suspects encountered the homeowner’s 23-year-old son, who also lives there.

“There was a short exchange of words and then gunfire happened,” he said.

A neighbor down the road said the gunshots sounded like a storm.

“Well, I thought it was thunder, I just heard something, I had the doors closed,” said Leon Simmons.

No, Mr. Simmons, that thunder is what justice sounds like when you invade someones home and they have the right to defend themselves.

In this “storm” of gunfire two suspects died in the kitchen, and as a third ran from the home he collapsed and died in the driveway.

The police arrived and the 23 year old resident along with another person who were in the house at the time were cooperative with the police and the 23 year old gave a statement at the police station.

Mahoney reiterates, “Preliminary investigation, it looks like it was self-defense.”

Though it is too early to know if these three were responsible for other break ins, Simmons commented that break-ins were on the rise in the area:

 “Within the past six months we’ve had two or three burglaries out here.”

I feel pretty confident in wagering that these three will not be involved in any more burglaries.  Furthermore, if there were another group of burglars in the area they might think twice about their corrupt profession.

The plot thickens as well as the get away driver who was not found at the scene came into the police station a few hours later saying she had “information.”  I can only speculate but she may have been trying to cash in on a reward being offered for info.

Criminals sure can be dumb.

After questioning, her story wasn’t adding up and police arrested her, her being 21 year old Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, and charged her with three counts of first degree murder as well as three counts of first degree burglary.

Now, you may ask how is she being charged with murder?  The way the law works is that since she was complicit in the crime, quite possibly the mastermind, and there were lives lost in the commission of that crime she is responsible.  It doesn’t matter that the lives lost were the other bad guys.  I find that rather poetic, talk about justice.

Here’s a summation of the statute:

  • An offender commits first-degree murder if he, or any other person kills a human as a result of the commission (or attempted commission) of the crimes listed above.

Her’s the mugshot of Rodriguez:

If found guilty Rodriguez faces anywhere from 38 years for each count to life and even the death penalty.

Now, normally I would think it unlikely that she would face the death penalty or life in prison but seeing how she was the “adult” and that her three dead co-conspirators were a bunch of high school students a severe punishment may be on the horizon for her.

All in all this is a good story.  Three villanous scumbags are pushing up daisies, one is facing life in prison or death and the hero of the story used his 2nd Amendment rights to ensure that he lived in a safe space.  Outside of some cleanup in his kitchen and a new glass door the 23 year old hero who protected his home and his friend is none the worse for wear.

These are the stories I like sharing.  The ones that the left stream media refuses to cover.  The ones where the good guys use guns to stop the bad guys.

And one more final thought.  This is the kind of event that shows gun control zealots why sporting rifles like the AR-15 are needed by the general population.  Because sometimes you find yourself at home being invaded by numerous armed criminals and you need to shoot them.

The AR-15 saved the day and levied out some instant justice and karma.  One can only imagine the outcome had this been in a state that doesn’t so freely recognize the individuals right to keep and bear arms and would have justice denied in a pool on innocent blood.


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