Castle Doctrine Under Seige: Nevada To Put Homeowners On The Hook For Civil Suits If They Shoot Intruders

In a twisted sense of progressive “justice”, Democrat lawmakers in Nevada are currently looking to undermine Castle Doctrine, the protection from civil litigation if they use force against a home invader.

To sum up what Castle Doctrine does is that if a person or group of people enter your house forcibly with the intent to do you harm and you in return shoot them, either injuring or killing them then they or their families are barred from seeking monetary recompense.

This is the simplest of interpretations of “Crime doesn’t pay.”

Yet, while many lawmakers look to protect their law abiding citizens, many on the left with progressive radicalism infesting their brains want to ensure that it is the CRIMINALS that are protected from the law abiding gun owners when said criminals are undertaking in their crimes.

Which brings us to Nevada SB 254 and State Senator Aaron Ford

Sen. Ford is apparently a crusader in the fight to protect criminals during their commission of crimes.  On top of being a supporter of gun free zones, Mr. Ford has decided that criminals should also be allowed to commit their crimes EVERYWHERE without fear of being shot.

Ford has taken a hatchet to Castle Doctrine in Nevada by proposing the complete elimination of Castle Doctrine in Nevada by scratching out the entirety of Section 1 Part b of NRS 41.095 to wit:

(b) Force which is intended or likely to cause death or bodily injury is immune from civil liability in an action to recover damages for personal injuries to or the wrongful death of a person against whom such force was used if the use of such force was justified under the applicable provisions of chapter 200 of NRS relating to the use of such force.

Nevada SB 254 strikes out that entire section meaning that even if you use force lawfully in defending your life in your own home, a liberal bleeding heart jury can hear some sob story about how the scumbag who broke into your house and threatened to rape and murder your family wasn’t hugged enough as a child and as a result HIS family can sue you into poverty.

Where exactly is the justice in THAT?

Nevada SB 254 does two things.  First, it might make a person hesitate when dealing with an armed home invasion robber and by doing so get him or herself killed along with their family.  Secondly, it punishes good and law abiding people for simply protecting their homes when someone dangerous broke in.

Let me come at it from a different point of view.  This is akin to a rapist suing his victim because SHE gave HIM an STD.

I encourage you to reach out to State Senator Aaron Ford and enquire why he wants to endanger law abiding citizens and victimize them twice while protecting criminals during the commission of their crimes.  Then, if you’re feeling froggy, go ahead and ask him if he would support a bill allowing rapists to sue their victims if the rapist got an STD.  If he says “No”, then ask him what the difference is?  Here’s his email address: [email protected] and facebook page

Don’t let this bill pass like some thief in the night.


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