With Gorsuch Filibuster and Fallout, Democrats Go All in For 2020

Neil Gorsuch is a fine judge.  Even if you don’t agree with his personal ideologies, you would be hard pressed to find a member of the judiciary who is more about the law than him.  This is the same Neil Gorsuch who had unanimous support 10 years ago when he was appointed to the Court of Appeals.

And what difference did a decade make?

None.  Yet, Senate Democrats have decided to wage all of their political capital and the fate of the Supreme Court for a generation on a silly and petulant throw of the dice.

You see, if you’re the Democrats, you do not draw the line at Neil Gorsuch, the most amenable Supreme Court nominee in decades.  No one but your most mouth drooling progressive radicals care that Merrick Garland didn’t get a vote.  It was never HIS spot to be taken.  For one, if Hillary had won and democrats had taken the Senate she would NOT have picked him but rather a more radically progressive jurist from the 9th Circuit most likely.

Furthermore, Democrats can thank Joe Biden for so succinctly espousing in 1992 on the notion that a President in an election year should not get to place a Supreme Court Justice but rather have the people decide in the election to whom should get the honor.

In the election of 2016. that went to Donald Trump.  If more of America really wanted the Supreme Court to swing left than Hillary would have won, but she didn’t.

But let’s get back to Gorsuch and the Democrats gamble.

The first mistake was ever using the “Nuclear Option” to begin with.  Harry Reid and the Senate Dems lost all moral high-ground by casting the first stone and using the nuclear option in 2013.  Now they want to play the victim card and cry that the Republicans are doing the same thing.

Boo hoo for you Democrats.  It’s amazing how the Democratic party think that they can stack the deck in their favor and then change the rules when they are no longer in power.  For a long time Republicans let them get away with it but not the Republican party of Trump.

So instead of doing the grown up thing and allowing the Gorsuch to take the bench, they decide to filibuster.  The smart play would be to appear bipartisan when the nominee is someone as level headed and qualified as Gorsuch.  When a liberal justice dies or retires and Trump reaches for a ardent right winger, THEN drop the filibuster on him and say that the Republicans are trying to hijack the court, women’s bodies, racism blah blah blah.  You know, the normal blatherings of the unhinged Democratic party.  At least they would have appeared initially to be openminded.

But now?

Democrats look like sulking babies who STILL can’t get over the election and want to just be trouble makers for the sake of trouble making.

I mean really, when Chuck Schumer’s BIGGEST complaint about Gorsuch is that he follows the Law too much…i mean come on.

No…really.  That was Chuck Schumer’s biggest complaint. I quote Senator Schumer:

“We do not want judges with ice water in their veins.”

What does Schumer mean?  He means that judges shouldn’t follow the law if they don’t feel like it.  He’s promoting judicial activism by saying that judges should not rule on the law but rather on their own personal ideologies and biases.

That’s it.  Schumer and the Democrats don’t want, and filibustered, Neil Gorsuch because he rules based on the law.

So the Dems filibuster and since they used the nuclear option back in 2013, Republicans didn’t really feel to bad about them using it this time for a qualified nominee.  It’s like the Dems can’t stop shooting themselves in the feet.

Supreme Court nominees no longer need fear a filibuster thanks to the Democrats.  Odd move by them, considering they are in the minority party and don’t have a sitting President.

Which brings us to 2020.

I’m skipping right over 2018 because chances are the Repulibcans will GROW their lead in both houses, but especially the Senate.

But in 2020 the Democrats think they can not only win back the Senate but also the White House and they staked their influence on the supreme court on it.

The Democrats are going to bemoan and try to keep this false sense of outrage that Gorsuch is on the bench and not Garland.  Cute, but no one but their base (and fundraisers) care.  But they need the money so I’ll grant them that.

But with the filibuster gone they are going all in on 2020 because if they lose the Presidential race then, Trump has the chance to appoint possibly FIVE Supreme Court Justices over a full 8 year term.  Without a filibuster in place and his reelection in hand he doesn’t have to care what the Democrats think at all.

Democrats on the other hand think that they can win the White House and get the Senate to at least 50-50 and then can appoint radical progressive judges to their little liberal hearts content.

It’s a big gamble and one in whose very action of betting all ready hamstrings the better.  Trump is all ready looking better on this issue because he appointed such a good and level headed justice.  The Dems look petulant and unwilling to do anything but cry.  The Merrick Garland thing won’t have legs to carry til 2020, but the way the Dems acted will.

While the reelection of Donald Trump will rest on many differing facets beyond the Supreme Court, for gun owners who need Justices to rule on the LAW and not on FEELZ, Trump should expect a good turnout.  Especially with soon-to-be’s nonagenarian Ruth Bader Ginsburg and octogenarian Stephen Breyer likely not to make it to 2024 either by health or personal choice.

Ironically by their petulance and foolishness, the Democrats may have ensured liberty in America and a law based Supreme Court for a generation or more.


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