Reasons why I’m cheering for Marine Le Pen

Ok, so I don’t usually get involved with foreign elections and international politics that don’t touch on gun related issues but I am loving what Marine Le Pen is doing over in France and I’m going to share a few of the reasons why.

People keep referring to her as the French equivalent to Trump; I’m not so sure about that beyond the fact that she is someone who is tired of seeing her country diminish and lose its soul in the name of political correctness.  In that way, aren’t we all a little bit Trump?

The reasons I like her have nothing to do with Trump but who she is on her own merit.

First and foremost she is pro-gun.  The fact that any European politician, let along a French one.  After the Islamic terrorist attack (bonus points for her not being afraid to call Islamic terrorism by name) in Paris in 2015, Le Pen stated quite openly that the French must “re-arm” themselves in order to eradicate Islamic terrorism from France.

With that Le Pen is for securing the borders of France because truly, a country without borders is no country.  And with European women living in fear as roving bands of rapeugees terrorize the continent Le Pen makes a compelling case for her citizens to be able to protect themselves by use of arms.  If Le Pen wins and France gun laws resemble something akin to Switzerland that will be a shockwave felt the world over.

But I think what sold me on Marine Le Pen was when she told the Grand Mufti of Lebanon what he can do with his head scarf that he wanted her to wear.

Here, take a look:



You can see the Mufti’s man literally holding the head scarf up seemingly ready to pounce on Marine Le Pen and have her put it on.  Her response was polite yet resolute.  To put an American spin on it she basically said “Hell NO” dropped the mic and walked out.

After 8 years of President Obama who kow towed and groveled at the feet of every foreign leader he came across it is refreshing to see someone in politics with an actual backbone stand up to oppression.

THAT is what feminism looks like to me.  Of course the feminazi’s that pollute the progressive left wing parties around the world like to give Muslim countries passes when it concerns the raping and subjugating of women because those are the orders that the leaders of Progressive parties dole out. If I lived in France and had a daughter I would point to Marine Le Pen, someone who isn’t taking crap from anyone and feels that it is better for women to shoot rapists than to be raped themselves, as a woman for my daughter to admire.

Here’s some of Marine Le Pen’s greatest hits during the campaign as people keep trying to box her in.


Now Le Pen has won the first round of the election it is going to be a tough fight in the home stretch as the media is as much against her as ours was against Trump.  But hopefully the silent majority of France will feel something stir within them and wake up and realize that their country is disappearing before them and that Marine Le Pen is the person who can save them.

Viva la France!!!



Update: Something I didn’t mention earlier but feel like it is paramount to highlight is that if Marine Le Pen is the antisemitic hate mongerer that some, even those among the right here in America whom I consider friends, believe her to be then not only do I reject those views I reject those who hold them.  And let France crumble even further into the socialist quagmire of decay that they seem to revel in until the whole thing implodes and the right candidate comes along.

Much like if I found out that Col. Allen West was a member of the hate group Black Lives Matters or Rand Paul was the ring leader behind the terrorist group Antifa.  Regardless oh how much I may approve of their general politics I could not in good conscience support such people.

Let me be EXPLICITLY clear, Colonel West and Rand Paul have ABSOLUTELY ZERO connection to the aforementioned terrorist groups and I simply used them as people I currently respect but would lose respect and support for if they were involved in those hate groups.

I do not know what is in Le Pen’s heart and while I’ve no doubt there are hateful bigots in the National Front party, much like there are in the Democrat and Republican parties here in the US, I will not condemn a candidate just because hateful people will vote for her.

So we shall see what we shall see.

Though if Le Pen was really the antisemitic bigot that the media is making her out to be, she chose an odd domestic partner (since 2009) in Louis Aliot whose maternal grandfather was an Algerian Jew.

I suggest you look up the arguments for and against Le Pen and the accusation of antisemitism and form your own conclusion.  And to my French readers, do what is in your heart.

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