Three Gun Victories You May Have Missed – Gun Owners of America

Despite having a new administration that favors greater gun rights for law-abiding citizens, there’s still mass resistance to preserving and protecting the Second Amendment. The Senate has many Democrats that are beholden to the gun control lobby, and states like California and New York are openly hostile to gun rights. That’s why pro-gun victories in the courtroom and in the legislature still matter.

The Gun Owners of America has brought three recent legal gun victories to the forefront. Here’s their video:


“From defending gun rights in New Mexico to going on the offensive in North Dakota, the Second Amendment movement is picking up steam across the country,” Erich Pratt, Executive Director of GOA said in a statement.

Molon labe!

Gabrielle is a media strategist and consultant as well as being a Bullets First contributor.  You can read more about her exploits and adventures at her home site: 

Editor’s Note: While the National Rifle Association may get the limelight from the media and gun control groups, Gun Owners of America is the organization that does not compromise, does not relent and does not give up on your right to keep and bear arms.  Much like the X-man Wolverine, though GOA is smaller they are the best they are at what they do and what they do is get stuff done that protects your God given right to keep and bear arms.

Rarely, if ever, will you hear that GOA wasn’t involved in a truly committed pro gun candidate getting elected or a  clean, uncompromising gun rights law being passed.  Uncompromising isn’t always easy…but when it comes to your God given right…it’s always right.

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