Will Entertainers Change Their Tune Now That Islamic Terrorism Struck At One Of Their Own?

Now that radical Islamic terrorism has struck close to home for a liberal progressive member of the entertainment elite I wonder if they will actually take a look at the world with fresh eyes instead of the shaded view seen from liberal progressive naivety and political correctness.

Well it took all of 24 hours after the Islamic Terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester England to get my answer.

According to Katy Perry, she prefers liberal progressive head burying in the sand idiocy to actually addressing the problem.  Actually, I’m sorry, I take that back as that is an insult to ostriches.  No no, Katy Perry wants to stop terrorism by feelz and is willing to double down on bad policy in order to make that happen.

I mean, almost 2 dozen people are dead, most of them children and instead of actually dealing with that reality, Katy Perry is busy taking political shots at Donald Trump and regurgitating Hillary Clinton talking points from the election.  The election that Clinton LOST and that apparently Ms. Perry can’t quite get over.

Here’s here quote from an interview she gave the morning following the Islamic suicide bombing terrorist attack:

 “Whatever we say behind people’s backs, the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other. No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.”

OH…we just need to co-exist and that will stop Islamic Terrorism.

Why hasn’t anyone tried this before.  Does the UN know about this groundbreaking strategy?

Katy Perry should stick to doing what she does best, wearing low cut tops and bouncing while singing bubble gun pop songs because this tripe does nothing except perhaps fool some ignorant people into thinking that Islamic Terrorism isn’t a big deal because we can stop it anytime with feelz.

Yes yes, let’s just unite and love each other.  And borders?  How hateful, let’s just get rid of them and let everyone who wants to go wherever they want to.

Except…until recently…that is EXACTLY what the United Kingdom has been doing. 

First and foremost the ability to criticise Islamic Terrorism in the UK is almost non existent.  Remember this is the country that the US split away from because we wanted freedom like the freedom of speech.  That is a freedom that is severely limited in the UK as anything that may even remotely be seen as critical of another group is deemed hate speech and you are severely punished.  Just ask American radio host and bestselling author Michael Savage who has been banned from entering the UK for the past 8 years because he openly discusses on his radio show the danger of unfettered immigration by individuals from terrorist producing counties.

Which leads us to another point for Ms. Perry to chew on, England has had open borders for decades and it was those open borders that allowed the suicide bombers family to enter the country as Libyan refugees.  Libya, a hotbed of terrorist activity is on the list of 6 countries that President Trump ordered a temporary immigration ban on.  With the attack in Manchester by a Libyan refugee suicide bomber is there anyone who still think that a temporary ban is a bad idea?  Well, yes…progressive simpletons like Katy Perry.

This touchy feely notion that we can all just co-exist is cute for a bumber sticker or a greeting card but at the end of the day there is a substantial subsect of Islam that views anyone who isn’t Muslim as an infidel and they must either convert or die.  Open borders are an invitation for these people to enter their enemies lands and destroy it from within.

That’s reality.  Not, we all just need to co-exist fantasy that Ms. Perry is spewing forth.

A final point, gun controllers on the progressive left like to spout the old trope “If it saves 1 child’s life” then they are all for draconian gun control and the confiscation of weapons and the shredding of whatever rights they deem unappealing to their ends.

Well, progressive left, there are almost 2 dozen children dead because of open borders and political correctness.  If it saves just 1 childs life shouldn’t we build a wall and stop terrorists from entering our country?

Yeah, I won’t hold my breath for a non-hypocritical BS response.

And one more thing that I address to Ms. Perry directly.

I wrote an article a year or so ago about the rise in gang rapes in Europe fueled by roving gangs of refugees.  The way that Finnish government suggested that women avoid being raped is right up there with Ms. Perry’s notions.  They even made an educational video about it.  You can see it here:

How European Countries Suggest Women Deal With Rapists…with feelz 

If all we need to do is co-exist, then Ms. Perry, I suppose you wouldn’t mind giving your security detail the night off, wear something nice from your clothing collection to show off the assets and take a walk through one of Europes centralized refugee locations.  I wonder how well that would work out for you.   Because all your drivel about co-existing and all we need is love crap sure isn’t helping all the gang rape victims who are prey to these rape-ugee animals.

At least in America we still have our guns, pity that the women in Europe cannot say the same.

Keep your co-exist fantasy, i’ll take the real steel of a .45 thank you very much.


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