5 Takeaways from the Georgia 6th Congressional District Special Election

In case you haven’t noticed, the most expensive congressional race in history just went down in Georgia.  The Democrats, mainly from outside the state, poured in nearly $30 million dollars to try and propel Jon Ossoff over Republican Karen Handel to fill the vacancy left by Tom Price when he joined President Trump’s cabinet.

Despite the tens of millions of dollars that America-hating Socialist George Soros and his cabal poured in to try and by the election for Ossoff it was not to be as Handel handled the election rather well despite being outspent and beat her opponent by 4 percentage points.

Here are some takeaways:

1: Democrats have no CLUE what they are doing.

For some reason the Progressive wing of the Democratic party (at this point nearly the only wing) is so hop up on impeachment goofballs that they are the epitome of Einstein’s thoughts on insanity.  They keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  With another win in the South Carolina Congressional special election the Republicans are now 4-0 when it comes to wiping the floor with Dems.  The Dems want to keep making this about Trump…the only problem is that Trump, despite milquetoast Republicans, hysterical Democrats and conspiring media has actually been accomplishing things that matter to the American people.  Like cutting government waste and getting people back to work.  I posit that he is more liked than what jury-rigged polls report.  Which brings us to the second takeaway…

2: Polls are wrong again and reveal their bias

Going into the election the majority of polls had Ossoff winning the race by up to 3 points.  He lost by 4.  That is a swing of 7 percentage points.  Now, while compared to recent memory when polls have been off by a factor of 20 I guess it’s not all that terrible.  But the question is WHO are these pollsters polling?  And therein lies the rub.  You see, this is one of the tail wagging the dog.  Pollsters can influence the public  (or at least try to) by oversampling a certain group or demographic in order to get the results that THEY, the pollsters, want.  I mean, if I took a poll on November 6th 2016 in San Francisco of 900 registered Democrats and 100 registered Republicans then I could predict that Hillary Clinton would be winning the election by 95 percentage points.  That’s basically what many left leaning pollsters have been doing recently.  Oversampling people they agree with in order to make give a sense of heir apparency to their candidate of choice.  Unfortunately for them, the American people have had enough of such disingenuous nonsense and are making the pollsters look the fool.

3: There are better things to spend $30 Million on than losing

Seriously.  If you are going to pony up that kind of scratch, to the point that you are breaking records on spending you better win or you just look stupid.  ESPECIALLY when it was all an exercise in hubris.  Remember that South Carolina congressional race I mentioned earlier?  The Dems barely gave it ANY money and they nearly took it, losing by only 3% points or about 2900 votes.  The Dems had owned the 5th Congressional District in South Carolina for almost 100 years until losing it in 2010 to Republican Mick Mulvaney.  Mulvaney also took a job in the Trump administration leading to the special election.  Yet instead of trying to reclaim an open seat that is historically Democrat they tried to take a seat that the Republicans have held since 1979 when Newt Gingrich won it.  All in order to try and humiliate the President.  But as is the case with hubris, it backfired on them.  And if you are going to take on a heavyweight challenge maybe you get a candidate who can fight in the higher weight class.  Which leads us to…

4: Pick a Candidate who LIVES in the District

Jon Ossoff doesn’t live in the district.  This is Georgia.  New Yorkers may have been hoodwinked when Hillary Clinton suckered them into voting her to the Senate but the south has a long history of carpet baggers coming in and trying to exploit situations to their benefits.  Living outside the district you wish to represent but telling people you’ll move in when you win is NOT a good campaign strategy.  I mean seriously, would it have killed you to rent an apartment for a year within the district?  But Ossoff was a flawed, shady candidate to begin with.  Not only did he not live in the district he claimed that he had National Security Clearence for 5 years.  YEARS.  That’s important because when he was called out on it he had to admit that it had been 5 months.  MONTHS.  Then there was the time he was a CEO of an investigative film company that worked for Al Jazeera.  Yeah.  I’m sure all these things played real well in the south.  No wonder they had to pour $30 Million in to prop up this guy.  $30 Million got it within 4 points.  Any normal amount for a special election probably would have seen him get blown out.

5: Donald Trump is just fine

Donald Trump is the Mr. T of Washington DC.  He pities the fools who think they can take him down and he has no time for their jibber jabber.  He has a country to run, economy to boost, health care to fix and threats to deal with.  Democrats want to “resist” against these things at their own peril and the continued defeats are getting expensive and embarrassing.  You know what’s better than a moral victory?  An ACTUAL victory.  But close doesn’t count.  Trump didn’t collude with the Russians, he didn’t obstruct justice and he is not going to be impeached since THERE WAS NOTHING TO IMPEACH HIM FOR TO BEGIN WITH.  The more the Dems keep smoking whatever delusion hash they are addicted to the better for Donald Trump.  His enemies are a bungling and listless Democrat party who suffer so severely from Trump Derangement Syndrome they can barely function and complicit progressive mainstream media who stopped reporting the truth and runs with outlandish unsubstantiated claims by “anonymous sources” that people no longer take them seriously.  Yeah, Trump is doing just fine.  He can sit back and focus on fixing the country while these buffoons keep banging their heads against a wall of their own inadequacy.


Just a few takeaways from this special election season and for some reason I don’t think the Democrats and their socialist supporters like George Soros are going to change tact in 2018 but yet they talk of taking back congress.  Yeah…insane.


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