Liberal Hypocrisy On Guns As Shown Through The Lens of Illegal Immigration

I would never go to the New York Times and expect a balanced, fair bit of truthful reporting.  I mean, the NYT’s has been caught peddling fake news since at least 2003 with Jayson Blair.  Yet, I did stumble across an article yesterday concerning the families of those killed by illegal immigration that wasn’t the basic Trump biased partisan hack job hit piece that the New York Times is now best known for.

The article can be read here:

For Grieving Parents, Trump Is ‘Speaking for the Dead’ on Immigration

In it Vivian Yee discusses that in 2016, then candidate Trump’s words on the campaign trail resonated with those families whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants.  Where government officials and other candidates would give them the run around, the blowoff or the PC shuffle, Trump spoke of the reality that illegal immigrants were killing people and the government was in part responsible for it.

Yee interviewed a number of the families and to a one they said that they never felt like they were props to be used.  That they all believe that they have a direct contact to the man on top even if it has to go through one of his top lieutenants, Trump will get the message.

Trump met with the families in private, Trump remembered their names, Trump remains in touch even today and he has set up an office in the Department of Homeland Security that aids the victims and their families of crimes perpetrated by unauthorized immigrants.

Before I get to the point of this article I will say that THIS is why Donald Trump is now President of the United States.  A lot of these families were lifelong Democrats.  But they felt that their loss and their concerns fell on deaf ears by the government.  Donald Trump not only listened but he cared.  And in doing so he got their vote and they got his action.  Illegal immigration is done, plans for a wall are moving forward, sanctuary cities are being squeezed.  Donald Trump cares and he made promises that he intends to keep.  This is true for the coal miners of Appalachia, the leathernecks of the midwest, the out of work automaker in Michigan.  Donald Trump listened to those who were ignored.  They voted him in and he is delivering on their trust from coal mines opening, to pipeline completions to actually DOING something about illegal immigration.

That’s enough of my tangent.  Seeing that the article I was reading WAS the New York Times they couldn’t just have it a Trump love-fest so Ms. Yee included the following little tidbit in order to diminish the actual threat that illegal immigration pose to citizens of this country:

“A large body of research, accumulated over many years, have found that immigrants are less likely than native born citizens to commit serious crimes or to be imprisoned.”

Ok.  We’ll start with that.

First, there is the cherry picking of data and the false narrative that it interposes.  We’re not talking about immigrants.  We’re talking about illegal aliens who have snuck into this country and by the very nature of entering this country illegally, either by using a fake passport or sneaking across the border via coyote, that makes them criminals.  So, 100% of illegal aliens are criminals by the very act of entering this country illegally.

I will expand on this though and give Ms. Yee the benefit in constricting the notion of being a criminal to illegal acts once in the country, legal standing aside.

100% of the violent crimes committed by illegal aliens, be it murder, rape, assault of vehicular homocide would NOT occur if these illegal immigrants weren’t in the country to perpetrate them.

Pretty impossible for illegal immigrants to commit crimes in America if they are not allowed to come in by a lax border or allowed to stay by complicit sanctuary cities.

So I agree with the families of those who have lost loved ones to the actions of illegal immigrants in saying that because illegal immigrants weren’t more thoroughly rounded up and deported that the blood of the innocent is on their apologists and any government that places political correctness over the safety of its citizenry.

Here’s were progressive hypocrisy shows it’s hand.

Progressive’s will flaunt “research accumulated over many years” showing that the average immigrant is less likely to commit a crime than a native born citizen.  They will plant their Progressive flag on that and scream until they are hoarse defending it.


Then (an open question to any progressive reading this) why do you ignore the years upon years of accumulated data that says law abiding gun owners are responsible for an infinitesimal amount of gun crime in America?

I mean, I hear the bleeding hearts talk about “if it saves one childs life” we should outlaw all private gun ownership.

Well, if it saves just one persons like shouldn’t we vehemently deport the estimated 11million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States?

Lives like:

  • Jamal Shaw Jr. shot dead by an illegal alien gang banger in Los Angeles 2008
  • Dominic Durden killed in 2012 in Moreno Valley California while riding his motorcycle by an illegal immigrant who was arrested twice for DUI
  • Grant Ronnebeck shot by illegal immigrants while working overnight at a convienience store in Mesa Arizon in 2015
  • Drew Rosenberg killed while riding his motorcycle by an illegal immigrant from Honduras in San Francisco in 2010
  • Kate Steinle shot to death on a San Francisco pier by a Mexican illegal immigrant who was deported 5 times but kept coming back due to a lackluster southern border and the fact that San Francisco was a sanctuary city.
  • Sarah Root who was killed in Nebraska the day after graduating college by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk.


No one on that list was over 32 when they were killed.  Most were in their 20’s with parents and families who loved them very much.  I guess “if it saves on life” only matters when it is politically congruent with your ideology.  Convenient.

Unlike Progressives and liberals in general I am not a hypocrite.  That’s why I can say that I am all for punishing criminals who have used a gun in commission of a crime.  Unlike Barack Obama who inexplicably pardoned or commuted the sentences of literally HUNDREDS of violent felons who used a firearm in commission of their crimes.

You see, progressive leftists are against guns.  Not crime.  They want to control and in order to do that they must insure that those they wish to rule over do not have the ability to resist.  So they want to get rid of all guns but most especially those from the hands of law abiding citizens. That’s why nearly all gun control measures focus on the law abiding and the hardly ever on the criminals.  Criminals simply ignore the laws to begin with and if they are going to get a cushy sentence even if they are caught it’s not so much of a deterrent.

When it comes to immigration, I am all for it.  I mean, we are a nation of immigrants.  Even the American Indian walked over here from an ice bridge from Asia.  Yet if I used the mindset of a Progressive liberal I would demand that ALL immigration be stopped.  Just like they want all guns to be confiscated.

But since I am not a raging hypocrite like those on the left I only wish to stop illegal immigration just like I want to stop the illegal use of firearms to commit crimes.

Most immigrants are law abiding citizens?  Great.  So are the overwhelming majority of gun owners.

Not like progressives care, they are swimming too much in their own hypocrisy to actually do anything but push their own agenda no matter who it hurts.

I guess they don’t “think of the children” when doing so might get in the way of the progressive doctrine.


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