Law Abiding Grandparents Forced To Give Up Guns in Order To Foster Grandson

If I told you that a child was being held hostage over a gun your mind might go to a movie like scenario in which a bad guy was in a standoff with police, his gun pressed to the temple of the child and the tension mounting.

But in this case, the bad guy in this scenario is the state of Michigan that somehow thinks it has the right to hold a child hostage instead of being fostered by blood relatives because those blood relatives happen to be law abiding concealed carrying gun owners.

That’s right.  The State of Michigan is holding Bill Johnson’s grandson hostage and telling the Johnson’s that if they want to foster their own grandson they have to give up their God given 2nd Amendment rights.  Bill Johnson, who learned how to shoot by HIS grandfather at 9 years old and who joined the Marines at 17 and was handed an M-16 wasn’t about to let this modern day Sofie’s Choice go unchallenged.

Bill and his wife have brought suit against Michigan on constitutional grounds saying the state is enacting a “functional ban” on owning a firearm.

Is there such a surplus of qualified and loving foster parents in the country that we can just toss out blood relatives because they  in an “inconvenient” thing like freedom and liberty?

The notion that grandparents cannot look after their grandson because they believe in the bedrock foundation of this country is not only ludicrous but it should be illegal.  I hope that the Johnson’s lawsuit goes successfully, even if they have to take it to the highest court in the land and then no other family with a loving home have to be held hostage by a corrupt out of control liberal state that would force capitulation of one’s right in order to care for ones own blood relative.

What kind of country is America turning into if this is how states are allowed to operate?

The Michigan case is just one of three currently going forward against states with similar laws in regards to foster care.  A case in Oklahoma challenges the requirement a “weapons safety agreement” to be signed by the foster parents.  In Illionois, a challenge is being brought similar to Michigan that requires guns to be unloaded and locked away and that the ammunition be locked in a separate container.  Now, there’s the point that if you need a gun to defend against an intruder you are scrambling with multiple locks in different locations so chances are someone you love is going to get hurt before you are able to protect them but furthermore, according to the Illinois statute, the guns have to REMAIN locked up unloaded.  Thus you can not carry your firearm, only have one as a glorified paperweight.

The State of Michigan, unsurprisingly, declined to comment citing the pending litigation.

While not the most egregious attack on the 2nd Amendment, these unconstitutional laws are the tiny stones which fuel the avalanche of oppression.  And where they are found they must be fought lest we all be buried in the onslaught of a tyranny.


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