In Advance of Hurricane Irma, Government Sanctioned Gun Confiscation Begins

It strains credulity that anyone but the most naive or ignorant person can believe that gun control in general and gun registration in particular is anything but a scheme by the government to allow them to come and confiscate your guns.  This is even more evident when the threat of a hurricane is being exploited in order to enact said gun confiscation.

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida and the surrounding islands wouldn’t you know that some freedom hating politician would see the opportunity to deny their citizens to keep and bear arms.  I mean, its not like roving bands of scumbags loot, rape and murder in the vacuum of order that is produced after such natural disasters.

Oh wait.  That’s EXACTLY what happens.

And in those vacuums you can either have results like New Orleans after Katrina or Houston after Harvey.

The former leaned into gun confiscation and the latter basically told law abiding gun owners to keep their powder dry.

I wrote an article recently showing the resulting outcomes from both Hurricanes.  Little surprise that more looters wound up dead in Houston and more innocent people would up dead in New Orleans.

You can read that article here:

Hurricane Katrina aftermath was MUCH worse than Hurricane Harvey. Why? Gun Control (video)

So with these two disparate outcomes, one would think that any government official would be an complete and utter fool to go around enacting gun confiscation procedures in the face of a hurricane.

Welcome to the US Virgin Islands.

U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp signed an emergency order allowing the seizure of private guns, ammunition, explosives.

That is bad enough…but the REASONING that Gov. Mapp is hiding behind his gun confiscation is beyond the pale.  According to his emergency order, the gun confiscation is taking place because the guns, ammo and assorted property may be needed by the National Guard may need to respond to Hurricane Irma.


So not only is this a violation of the 2nd, 4th or 5th Amendments to the US Constitution but hovers dangerously close to the rarely violated 3rd Amendment.  While not housing soldiers the residents of the US Virgin Islands are in effect, according to Mapp’s order, supplying the National Guard against their will.

Below is the actual gun confiscation order that Mapp has signed, the latter part of the 2nd Paragraph is the one of key interest:


Mapp has greenlit the army to seize ANYTHING that the military deems necessary.  This actually goes beyond a simple gun confiscation plan and authorizes soldiers to ransack your home in order to loot whatever they damn well please.

I know the US Virgin Islands not a state…but it IS part of the US…says so right in the name.  If all it takes is a quick order by the governor to shred the constitutional protections of it’s citizens then Pandora’s box is flung wide and the Constitution becomes worth less than the paper it is written on.

In the face of natural disaster law abiding citizens need the right to keep and bear arms even MORE than usual.  Denying them such protection leaves them vulnerable to any strong arm group of thugs looking to exploit a disaster for their own benefit.

In this case, it seems that the strong arm thug is also the Governor, one Kenneth E Mapp.

Oh, and you may be wondering how the US Virgin Islands National Guard will know who has guns and who doesn’t.  Well, in the islands ALL firearms MUST be registered.  So the military will simply follow the list and go directly to the homes of the law abiding gun owners and TAKE their firearms.  It couldn’t be simpler.  Of course, criminals who do not follow the law and who are most likely to loot, rape and murder in the aftermath of the hurricane don’t follow laws to begin with and have never registered their firearms so they will be able to keep theirs.

Another rousing success in the “Make sure criminals are safe” Gun Control scheme.

Let this serve as a chilling reminder of how easily some can lose their Constitutional rights when they are lapse in protecting them and when citizens elect politicians who don’t give a damn about petty things like rights and the Constitution.

I know you’re a Governor of a Caribbean island Mapp, but maybe don’t take after the banana republics around you and become a military despot.

We have seen the fallout in New Orleans of a disarmed populace.  And we have seen the resolute bearing of the law abiding armed to defend themselves and their property in Houston.  The actions of Gov. Mapp just once again prove that gun control is about controlling PEOPLE and not guns.  It is about ensuring that the law abiding are solely reliant on the government and not on themselves to the end that the people’s self reliance will slowly atrophy and will simply be sheep, easily tended by the governmental shepherds.

To all those in the South East and the islands, be safe, be ready and if your governor hasn’t betrayed you and left you at the mercy of thuggish criminals, keep your powder dry.



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