Gun Owners, Don’t Follow The Path of the Hateful Left in Bakery Drama

I have a strong belief in a bakery business’s right to conduct said business as they see fit.  My belief would be all the stronger if the hypocrisy of the Hateful Left wasn’t so galling.  I speak a tale of two bakeries.  One, a Christian run bakery (take your pick of Oregon and Colorado) and the other an anti gun bakery in Austin Texas of all places.

The Christian run bakery doesn’t believe that a gay wedding is in keeping with their Christian values so when a gay couple come looking for a cake for their gay wedding the bakers politely decline and offer up information of other bakers that may be able to help.

These gay couples, being members of the Hateful Left, instead of simply going to the other bakers, or making it known that the bakeries in question do not support gay marriage choose instead to try and sue the bakers out of business.  Also fueling their fellow hateful liberal terrorist friends to call in death threats against the bakers and to vandalize their shops, let alone hijacking Yelp and facebook reviews to create false reviews trying to discredit the goods of the bakery.

That’s just the thug tactics the Hateful Left like to employ, epitomized most by the rise of the domestic terrorist group Antifa.

The bakery in Austin, Baguette et Chocolat, chose to deny the 2nd Amendment rights of its patrons.

Now, this is where the hypocrisy sirens blare.  A Christian baker is FORCED to make a cake that goes against their 1st Amendment Protected religious beliefs but an Anti gun baker is free to deny access to anyone exercising their 2nd Amendment beliefs.

Once again this is a case where Liberals are like: “It’s ok to believe and act however you like…so long as you believe and act just like us.”

The issue with Baguette et Chocolat came to a head when a legally concealed carrying gun owner forgot to disarm before entering and his gun was printing so that the owners of the bakery saw.

Any grown up would simply have approached the customer and politely reminded him of the store policy.  Had that been the case the whole thing might have blown over.  But rather than do the adult and professional thing they bakers decided to, instead of talking to the gun owner, call the police and have the man physically removed from the premises.

You can read the entire account at The Truth About Guns article here:

Austin’s Baguette et Chocolat Calls the Cops on RF’s Concealed Carry

Now this is where the rubber meets the road.  Do we as gun owners sink to the level of the Hateful Left and their militant thuggery or do we rise above and act with the class that those on the left have so long ago abandoned?

As for me, as an open carrier I often find out real quickly whether a business is pro or anti gun.  Outside of letting my friends know, or occasionally writing an article if I had an experience similar to the gun owner in Austin, I simply take my business elsewhere.

Because that is the grown up thing to do.  If businesses don’t respect my right to defend myself then I will take my money elsewhere.  I am not going to pass out torches and get a mob together and try and drive anyone out of town.  That’s what the mouth droolers of the Hateful Left do.  

We need to be above that.  No death threats, no Yelp hijacking. None of that.  Simply let other gun owners know that this place not only doesn’t allow you to exercise your rights but is completely unprofessional and would rather involve the police than to simply remind you of their discriminatory policies.

Remember, no matter the size of the Hateful Left’s mob, there are more of us than there are of them.  Keep calm and carry on…right down the street the business that would love our patronage.


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