GOA Puts Ryan on Notice; Betrayal of the 2nd Amendment Will Be Remembered On Election Day

As I have written recently, in the wake of tragedy involving a gun, the ghouls of the gun control movement come out and try to exploit said tragedy to push their agenda.  Their agenda has nothing to do with stopping the tragedy mind you, they of the Bloomberg backed bloc seek to steal a march on the Constitution by using tragedy as a red herring in order to distract people from their real intent.

This time it happens to be banning bump stocks.  At least that is the yarn that the gun controllers are trying to ensnare more pliable Republicans with.

But as Erich Pratt, executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA) points out:

“First, there is no way that Congress –or the Trump Administration– will be able to ban or regulate bump stocks without also opening the door to prohibitions on other parts, accessories and magazines.  This is because all of the legislative proposals currently on the table would ban ANY item or device that helps ‘accelerate the rate of fire’ of a semi-automatic firearm.”

“Second, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution prevents the federal government from imposing ANY infringements upon our gun rights.  If the Trump administration starts supporting infringements — even if they are so called minor ones — it will weaken their ability and resolve to oppose the next set of infringements that come down the pike.”

It seems that many Republicans in Congress want to be seen as “caring” and that is being exploited by the ghoulish gun control gang.  Much like Satan in the garden of evil, gun controllers like to whisper in the ears of politicians; “just one little bite of the gun control apple, one little restriction here and there…where’s the harm in thisssssssssss.”

Once you go over the ledge of that slippery slope there is no easy way to stop the slide.

GOA’s Pratt also surmises, quite correctly I say that: “We are in a political war to preserve our gun rights.”

Pratt would continue with a message to gun owners and a promise to Speaker Ryan, who has been vocal at his willingness to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment:

“Second Amendment supporters need to let Ryan know that millions of gun owners oppose his compromises.  Ryan must understand that there will be serious ramifications at the polls if he and other Republicans do not stand up for our Second Amendment Rights.”

GOA has been doing its part, sending letters to the House and Senate urging them to oppose any restriction on bump stocks so that the door will not be cracked open for the likes of Shannon Watts, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros to slither in and erode more of our 2nd Amendment rights.

Speaker Ryan has remained blind to the danger and tone deaf to the inherent right of the people to keep and bear arms by calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to further regulate bump stocks.

And to those who would argue that giving a little ground now to placate high running emotions will protect the 2nd Amendment from bigger infringements I say this: A death by a thousand cuts still ends with you dead, you just don’t realize you are dying.



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