Westchester County Votes Away Constitutional Rights

Being a native New Yorker I tend to keep my eye on the state of my birth in order to appreciate the freedoms I have on the other side of the border here in the beautiful Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  On top of the low taxes and not being yolked with the tyranny of political correctness, we in the Keystone State enjoy a long history of embracing the 2nd Amendment…despite the occasional crooked Attorney General or complicit Democrat Governor who might try to sabotage our rights.

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You see, when we have crooked politicians in Pennsylvania, we throw them in jail, we don’t re-elect them to our State’s biggest city.

But I digress.

This article is about Westchester, a county that touches the northern border of New York City and where, for the past 8 years has been under the steady hand of Republican Rob Astorino who has kept the property taxes down, kept HUD from taking over the county and who reinstated the Westchester Gun Show after the former administration bowed to radical elements of the Left and banned them.

It is that last part that his dead beat opponent George Lattimer attacked that caught my eye and my ire.

You see, Latimer thinks that Westchester County is too cultured and too refined for guns and that such things should be left to the rural bumpkins in Upstate New York.  This is what he had to say about it:

“If you are a in an upstate county, where 85 percent of the people have guns, that’s different.  In Westchester, far more people have no guns than own guns. So my attitude is don’t have a show like that; it’s not our lifestyle.”

Their “lifestyle.”  Talk about a dog whistle.  Basically Latimer is saying that gun owners are a bunch of uncultured savages and that Westchester is above that.

Latimer would go on to fabricate what the last Westchester gun show was about, trying to tie it somehow to the events of Charlottesville:

“Nazi memorabilia, confederate flags, it’s a whole counter-culture, anti-society, anti-government kind of mindset that comes with the gun show, and I don’t think that’s appropriate.” 

So not only are the residents of Westchester too enlightened to own guns, those of us who do own guns are a bunch of rebel flag waving Nazis?  This type of garbage that spews out of Latimers mouth is beyond frustrating.  It would be easier to take his ignorance at face value if George Latimer was an upstanding, good and decent human being…but he’s not.

One of the first acts that Latimer will probably make as County Executive is to hire a personal driver.  Why you ask?  Because Mr. Latimer does not like paying parking tickets.  His car’s registration has been suspended because he hasn’t paid almost $2000 in parking tickets.

But not paying what he owes is kind of Latimer’s thing.

Latimer has been sued in recent years for failing to pay his mortgage, gas bill and car loan.

He owes nearly $50,000 in back property taxes but when he was called out on it, he threw his wife under the bus and said it was all her fault.

This is the same wife who remained in the United States while Latimer ditched a budget vote in the NY Senate this year to run off to London with another women.

This tax dodging, ticket piling, work shirking, two timer has the gall to infer that upstate New Yorkers, and gun owners in general somehow live an unenlightened lifestyle?

The man is a buffoon, a cad and just the worst kind of human being.

And because the voters of Westchester County drank the kool-aid of the anti Trump cabal, he is also the next County Executive of Westchester.

Because who wouldn’t want this clown in charge of a $1.8 Billion budget?

No doubt he will once again ban the gun show that brought in $50,000 to county.  Ironically enough, the amount off set the taxes he refuses to pay so Westchester County loses two times on the deal.  But this is who the voters wanted.  I don’t doubt it will be too long before they realize their mistake.

Elections have consequences after all.

I hope they get what they voted for.  Higher taxes, less rights, and an unethical County Executive that will probably rob them blind.

If that is what enlightenment looks like…you can keep it.


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