Why The Roy Moore Story Isn’t A Big Deal, Historically and Scientifically

In case you haven’t heard, a “bombshell” was dropped conveniently 1 month prior to the Senatorial special election in Alabama.  Despite running for state office numerous times over the past three decades it has just now come to light that Roy Moore, when he was in his early 30’s liked to date teenagers with a few coming out and saying that they dated more when they were between the ages  of 16 and 18.

Sensationalist “news” publications like the liberal Washington Post lead with the story intimating that Moore somehow sexually assaulted these young women.  But in truth all of them publically claim that Moore did nothing of the sort, just simply dated them and if any felt uncomfortable he took them home without pressuring them in any way.

A few things, had this gone the way of Harvey Weinstein who raped women by flaunting his power and threatening them, then I would drop the hammer on Moore in a heartbeat.  By all accounts this is not that.  This is a story of a guy in his early 30’s looking to court women who were on the border of what was socially acceptable by today’s standards.

Before I get into the scientific part of this article let me say something to all the progressive leftists who are clutching their pearl necklaces with faux outrage about Moore.  Apparently, with the kid gloves that Hollywood and the liberal press have dealt with Kevin Spacey with regards to his attempt to rape a 14 year boy, if Roy Moore was gay then this story wouldn’t even be worth the ink for them to write about.

Furthermore, the Left may attack Moore for preying on “children” who can’t make their own decisions at 16 years old…while with a straight face still claim that a child under 10 years old is mature enough to undergo a sex change operation.  The hypocrisy of the progressive scourge is so disgusting that beggars belief.

And let us not get started with the Progressive Left’s defense of NAMBLA…the North American Man Boy Love Association.  Yeah, first of all it’s a real thing and secondly, once again, if Roy Moore was a gay man the Left would be coming out of the woodwork to defend him.

It should also be noted that around this same time, Roy Moore met his wife Kayla who, as a teenager as well at the time, was 14 years younger than he was and that they have been happily married for over 30 years.

Now let us look at this through a historical lens.  Traditionally older men marry younger women.  According to research done by BYU in 2014, in 2000, 19.6% of all marriages involved a husband being more than 6 years older than his wife.  In the 1970’s that number was closer to 35.8%.

You can read the paper in its entirety here:

Age Differences in Marriage: Exploring Predictors of Marital Quality in Husband-Older, Wife-Older,and Same-Age Marriages

It should be noted that the age of consent in Alabama is 16 years old.  And it should be noted again that none of these women are suggesting that Roy Moore sexually assaulted them in any way.

No doubt that there are some that think its just unbecoming for a man to seek out a partner who is up to 15 years their junior.  Well, as much as liberals love science (at least when they can manipulate it into saying what they want) here’s a bit of scientific research that actual shows Moore’s courting women younger then him is an evolutionary positive.

According to research done by  Samuli Helle, Virpi Lummaa, and Jukka Jokela in 2007, Marrying women 15 years younger maximized men’s evolutionary fitness 

That study does not stand on its own as some outlying variable either.

According to a review in the Journal Of Human Nutrition And Dietetics published in 2009:

By choosing a bride 15-17 years younger, a man can cut his risk of premature death by 20 per cent. Even choosing a wife seven to nine years younger will reduce his risk of dying early by 11 per cent.

So found a study by Germany’s Max Planck Institute, which looked at deaths between 1990 and 2005 for the population of Denmark.

So, considering that all the women in question were of the age of consent, considering that science has covered the evolutionary benefits for men finding a mate 10-15 years younger than they are, and considering that none of them have claimed Moore tried to sexually force them to do anything…what exactly is the big deal?

If a man in his 30’s today dates a girl who is 23, and 40 years down the road society trends retard the age of maturity so that anyone under the age of 30 is thought of as a child, should that man then be viewed negatively by those standards for something he did when it was acceptable in this day and age?

The answer is of course not.  That’s basically what is happening here.  By the accounts from the witnesses, Moore wasn’t sneaking around and stealing children from bedroom windows.  A mother, of one of the girls, who is still alive thought Moore was “good husband material.”

In the end, this is just a ploy by the hateful left to drag a Republican Candidate for federal office down their own cesspool.  Hollywood is a breeding ground for rapists and child abusers and the Progressive left is trying to fling that manure for reasons twofold.  To cast some of the stink around and to sabotage Roy Moore’s candidacy.

You may not like that Roy Moore dated young women who were of the age of consent because of your own views on the issue.  But what is important is that Moore never forced himself on anyone, nor did he do anything illegal or even hid the fact of his intentions.

It was a personal preference of his from 40 years ago and had those preferences had run in the homosexual direction, the Progressive Left would be, if not championing him, at least not bringing it up.

But that is just the hypocrisy one comes to expect from the hateful progressive left.

This is a non story that is being propped up by the revelations of Hollywood’s own degeneracy.  But when you shine a light on both these stories you see that they are not the same in the least despite how much the Left wants them to be.


Edit: It should be noted that after the initial allegations that Moore openly pursued women of the legal age of consent didn’t get the traction that liberals were hoping for, another woman came forward and breaking away from what everyone else said claimed she was 14 years old and Moore tried to force himself on her.  This woman hired Gloria Allred for some reason.  Produced a yearbook which she alleges has Roy Moore’s signature in it though it is written in two different colors of ink and she nor Allred will let it be independently authenticated until “AFTER an investigation is open.”  Meaning that it most likely is fake and the Left is just looking to go on a witch hunt with no actual evidence.

Furthermore, the woman in questions own step son has called her a liar and does not believe for one second that she is being honest.  This is coupled with her boyfriend from High School, who is now a minister in Thailand rescuing children from the sex trade.  Their belief seems to be supported by the fact that she initially claimed that she never dealt with Roy Moore after that incident, yet some 20 years down the line he handled her divorce case.

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