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NM: “Universal Background Checks” Stopped in New Mexico Legislature

A legislative committee on Monday effectively killed a bill to expand background checks for gun purchases — an issue that drew large crowds to the Capitol as well as big campaign contributions and intense lobbying and advertising.

To Progressives, Gun Control is Not About Gun Crime and Obama’s Pardons Proved It

Finally some hard hitting proof by way of the Presidential Pardons showing that progressive radicals like Obama, funded by foreigners like Soros, and backed up by billionaires like Bloomberg don’t give a rat’s ass about gun crime.

Gun Control Film BOMBS At Theatre, Get’s Nominated For Golden Globe

I wish I could say that I was the least bit surprised by this, but the moment I heard the premise for the film “Miss Sloane” I knew two things. First, the public does not agree agree with the radical gun control platform of Hollywood and as such are not going to be spending money to be indoctrinated and brainwashed to think otherwise.

Arizona Governor Vetoes Legislation To Stop Bloomberg Influence On Gun Laws

A few weeks ago, SB2524 passed the Arizona legislature. If it had become law, and another state agreed to the compact, it would have prevented Arizona from enacting firearm transfer requirements that are more restrictive than federal law. Yesterday, 10 May, Governor Ducey vetoed the bill.

Iowa Set To Become 42nd State to Legalize Suppressors

In case you were unaware, gun are loud. Suppressors lower the level of decibels that guns make and as a result protect the hearing of the shooter and those around him or her. Yet, what a suppressor does NOT do, despite what years of bad Hollywood movie making would have you believe, is SILENCE a gun.

Arizona One Step Closer To Stopping Bloomberg’s Hijacking of America

By exploiting the death of children and misrepresenting the truth Bloomberg has had a few victories in places like Oregon where he convinced enough people to vote FOR laws that denied THEIR rights.

Video: “Gun Show Loophole” Exposed

Gun show loophole is the buzzword that gun control zealots like to toss around to scare the uninitiated into thinking that gun shows are like dark alley gun buys out of a back of a van with tinted out mirrors.

NOVA Firearms won’t open Arlington Shop due to bullying from anti-gunners

News broke yesterday that McLean-based NOVA Firearms, which was slated to open its second shop in Arlington next month, canceled plans altogether following harassment from Michael Bloomberg and other anti-gun activists. I wrote about the gun shop back in May and supported their efforts to open the Arlington shop. James “JB” Gates of NOVA Firearms emailed me the following update regarding this development: As of July 20, 2015, Nova Firearms has canceled its plans to open an additional location in Arlington, Virginia. We wish to thank our many friends, customers, and supporters who have stood by us during our recent attempt to expand our business. We now plan to explore better opportunities in the area to expand our business so that we can continue to serve our customers, including those in Arlington. For the record, our interest in Arlington began only when a representative of the Arlington landlord asked...

#WEARINGORANGE Campaign Pushes Same Old Gun Control Narrative

Countless celebrities, politicians,  and other public figures have tweeted pictures with the hashtag #WearingOrange to draw attention to National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Sounds like a noble cause, right? I don’t personally know anyone who’s for senseless violence–do you?  What could possibly be wrong with this occasion? Plenty of things. Why be skeptical? It’s an effort headed up by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, the parent organization of Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Both of these groups are also notorious for their anti-gun, pro-disarmament positions. They exploit tragedies and profit from fearmongering.  Several people have tweeted me saying this is a nonpartisan, moderate campaign. The list of featured sponsors suggests otherwise: Amnesty International Brady Campaign The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus Center for American Progress Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Media Matters for America National Action Network Unite Blue The anti-gun crowd has...

New York City, Citadel of Gun Control Beset By Muggings and Random Acts of Violence

New York City, home of some of the most stringent gun control policies in the nation and of gun control gestapo head Michael Bloomberg has seen a sharp uptick of the victimization of its citizens by roves of thugs and criminals. Over the past weekend the disarmed citizens of New York who frequent Central Park were prey to at least 3 unrelated and violent muggings. The first mugging occurred at 9:30pm on Saturday when a gang of 12 teenagers descended upon a couple walking through the park.  The group was armed with knives and tasers and stole the couples cell phones.  For good measure this gang of hoodlums punched the woman in the face. When gun controllers rage on and on about magazine limits they should take a look at this couple who would need more than 7 rounds to stop a gang of 12 who very well could...

Appearance on NRA News Criticizing Everytown’s Misogynistic Campaign Against Young Women

I appeared on NRA News on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015, to discuss the problem with Everytown for Gun Safety’s latest misinformation campaign targeting young women who support gun rights and concealed carry. Here’s more on the appearance from the NRA News: Gabriella Hoffman has written about Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, and its assertion that young women can’t handle firearms. A series of tweets from the gun control group characterizes young women as drunk, irresponsible, and a danger to themselves. Hoffman describes the responsible behavior of young gun owners, and the effect of reduced crime from concealed carry on campus. Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co 03/24/15. (Below is Gabriella’s original article -Tony) Everytown for Gun Safety,  a Michael Bloomberg-funded arm of the gun control lobby, issued a series of tweets last week suggesting college-aged women are too dumb to handle firearms. Below are the two questionable tweets: “You...

Wheelchair Bound Man that Bloomberg Wants Disarmed Kills 2 Home Invaders

Remember, not so long ago when New York City’s racist former Mayor Michael Bloomberg went on and on about how black people commit so much crime that we need to instill more gun control in order to keep “them” under control? If you’ve forgotten allow me to refresh your memory with these two links: Racist Bloomberg and Crony Come Out and Say Guns Are Only For Whites Audio: Bloomberg’s Racist Gun Control Rant I bring Bloomberg’s past racism up now because if it was up to him, a black, 26 year old Tulsa resident would be dead, most likely along with his friend after a group of 3 men broke into his apartment. From KOKI’s report: Anita Penn says her son, who is in a wheelchair, had to shoot the men. “He did the right thing, because he can’t fight. He can’t do anything, he’s in the chair, and the only thing...

Audio: Bloomberg’s Racist Gun Control Rant

It doesn’t take much scratching of the surface to get to the racist gooey center in many liberals.  The narrative for so long that America seems to have bought into is that the liberals are the ones who care for minorities while conservatives only care for white people. In truth, liberals love black people right where they are.  Bamboozle blacks and other minorities into thinking that they NEED the government, that they won’t be able to get a fair shake on their own, that the world is against them and they can only survive by suckling on the teet of government. But really, all that hoodwinking is a ploy to maintain a voting block that has kept the liberal wing of the Democratic party, and by extension the party itself, in existence.  Once blacks and other minorities realize that all the “help” that the government offers them is just...

Racist Bloomberg and Crony Come Out and Say Guns Are Only For Whites

In a couple of the more incredibly honest moments from gun controllers, Former Mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg and his ally, former Allentown city council member Michael Donovan have stated rather succinctly their views on race and gun control. At the Aspen Institute last week Michael Bloomberg was asked about education and spun the question directly into promoting gun control. Bloomberg claimed that 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: male, minority and between the ages of 15 and 25. Cities need to get guns out of this group’s hands and keep them alive. So…even if you are of legal age, area  law abiding citizen but live in a city and happen to be black or hispanic or something that Bloomberg views as a minority, he thinks the government should deny you your 2nd Amendment rights.  A right that might actually SAVE your life against some criminal with...

Another Bloomberg Gun Control Lackey Faces Jail Time

It seems that Michael Bloomberg should have focused more on the illegal politicians he has supported over the years rather than the “illegal” guns he purports to be against.  Following a long line of criminals who have been allies of Michael Bloomberg, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Kane, may soon find her name along these other “distinguished” politicians who are ardent supporters of Michael Bloomberg and vice versa. Full disclosure: Kathleen Kane has been on my crap list since day one.  I knew that she was getting her marching orders from Michael Bloomberg and she has exercised her authority as AG to make it ever more difficult for gun owners in Pennsylvania.  She started out by trashing reciprocity agreements with other states.  She also refuses to work on any new agreements so the ability of Pennsylvanians to travel with their 2nd Amendment rights intact is being curtailed by her...

Top Ten Gun Control Zealots Of 2014

As we look back on the year that was, 2nd Amendment supporters can see some good, some bad and some ugly.  The good being the movements expanding carry laws, the pick up of constitutional carry states, the defeat of Federal legislation to limit our rights. Then we have the bad.  The passage of Washington State’s I-594, the continued existence of NY’s Safe Act, the failure to remove Hickenlooper from the Governorship of Colorado. Of course we have the ugly.  Ghouls like Michael Bloomberg, Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety; with their hate speech, calls for violence against gun owners and over the top vitriol these individuals are truly ugly on the inside. With the year in review, who were the worst of the worst villains who sought to deny the rights of free people and were willing to shred the Bill of Rights in order to trample...

This is What New York Crazy Bleeding Over Into Pennsylvania Looks Like: Raising Kane

When voters are suckered into voting for a candidate backed by billionaire gun hater Michael Bloomberg, they really shouldn’t be surprised when she makes it her priority to undermine the 2nd Amendment and follows lockstep with marching orders coming from the Bloomberg command center. Bloomberg backed crony, Kathleen Kane, is the Attorney General of Pennsylvania.  Kane, as you might have recalled in earlier articles here, received a PERFECT score from CeasefirePA, the local radical gun control group in the commonwealth.  In order to receive a perfect score, Kane would have had to answer that she is a little tougher than the Gestapo in her desire to stamp out the 2nd Amendment. Over the past 2 years she has went on a jihad against reciprocity agreements with other states, including Florida and Utah. But the greatest umbrage is that now she out right REFUSES to do her job. Allow me to explain....

Washington State, Enforce New Gun Law Fully and Mercilessly…No Really

My regular readers my see the title to this article and think I’ve lost it.  Let me assure you it isn’t so.  And if you are a gun control zealot thinking I am going support your ideology…well…have fun with that. Washington State recently, through a ballot initiative bankrolled by Billionaire freedom hater Michael Bloomberg, bamboozled the voters who were ignorant about what they were voting on and making them believe that ballot initiative I-594 would do anything to stop crime.  It won’t. What it will do is drive up costs, hassle gun owners and businesses and be an all around pain in the ass. That is why it must be enforced to the FULL extent of its power.  I want this law to be hammered home as it is written. Ah yes…as it is written.  You see, there’s the rub. When gun controllers get together in their confabs to...